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Week 25 Bump Update

Oh how lovely it feels to only be ONE week behind on these updates!  Last week I caught up with a bunch of missing ones, and this week I'll be updating for week 25 as well as week 26, which I am in right now!  (My schedule so far has been to consider the day I turn the next 'week' in pregnancy as the week I'm updating.  So when I say 'week 25 bump update' I'm actually updating for the entirety of week 24 - which, now that I think of it, seems kind of like a dumb way to do it.  But I'm going to stick with it since that's how I started!  I'd rather look ahead than back anyway!)

So for now, my Week 25 Bump Update!

This week started out with Jake and I still in the Duluth area for our babymoon/birthdays/anniversary getaway.  By the time we headed home on Monday night I was ready to sleep for a good 36 hours.  But, unfortunately, I had to at work the next morning (darn Tuesdays!!!)

I think the jam-packed weekend we had caught up to me, though, because by Wednesday I was feeling pretty sick and rundown.  This meant I had to take another vacation day from work (this was a very common occurrence in my first trimester - I was sick pretty much every day from a week before we found out I was pregnant to a couple weeks into second trimester!)

This week wasn't all bad, though (of course not!)  The previous week our dishwasher decided to die on us, and this week our new shiny replacement arrived!  I had become a master at handwashing, drying and putting away our dishes, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn't beyond excited to see the delivery man pull up with our new washer!  (If only they could figure out a way for a dishwasher to also dry the tops of Tupperware and then put it all away - now THAT would be a good investment!)

Jake and I contemplated just not replacing the dishwasher at all, but we thought that adding a new baby into the family, tackling cloth diapering and having to hand wash all our dishes right in the middle of the holiday season (since baby is due two days after Thanksgiving) might get to be a bit much.  Luckily dishwashers aren't nearly as expensive as I was afraid they would be, so that made me happy!

Tomorrow I will officially be caught up to present day with my updates - and I'm going to stick with it from here on out!!!  But I did take a 25-week bump picture - here it is with a comparison shot to 21 weeks!

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