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Piyo, Pregnancy and Week 1 Meal Plan

As I mentioned on Monday in my 20 week bump date update, I started a Piyo-specific challenge group on Monday with a group of 5 other women who are all ready to kick start their health and fitness journeys, get more flexible, stronger and see some results!  I had already been doing Piyo but I decided to start the program over again for a couple reasons.  Starting over would allow me to be doing the same workouts on the same days as the rest of the group, and even though I had been doing Piyo, I wasn't able to stick completely to the schedule.  I am planning on being much more consistent this time around!

Piyo and pregnancy

Because I am pregnant, I am going into this program and challenge group with very different intentions and goals than I have had before.  I used to start a new program and have goals for weight loss, being able to stop using the modifiers and to really see how far I could push myself (safely, of course!)  This time, though, I am going into the program knowing that I will gain weight, that the modifiers are very important and that I can't push myself too far.  I am doing the program to stay healthy, flexible and strong during this pregnancy - I don't want to do anything to cause any harm to the baby or myself!

So this is my thought process in week one.  I want to stay fit, healthy and help myself stay strong throughout the pregnancy and after so I can take care of the new little one the best way possible.  I will be sticking to the workouts, but if I have to take an extra break here or there, that's what I'll do - because safety (whether you're pregnant or not!) is the number one most important thing.  Regardless of whether children are in your immediate future or not, it does us no good to push our workouts so hard that we end up having to skip the next day!  

Fit Pregnancy Quote

I have also created a meal plan for this week, but, again, this isn't set in stone.  My body will tell me if I simply can't eat something or if I need to eat more than what I have been eating!  I have made this meal plan fairly bland taste-wise, just because I had such difficulty with morning sickness in the beginning and I'm not 100% ready to start re-introducing crazy flavors and textures into my diet.  All the food on this meal plan though?  I love it!  Individually they are some of my favorite foods, so all together it's even better.  None of it is expensive or difficult to find or make - things that are very important to me!

Piyo Week 1 Meal Plan and Pregnancy

I don't mean to preface this Piyo journey with all these exceptions, but I really want to stress a couple things:

- It is absolutely, completely possible to keep up with your health & fitness while pregnant.  You don't need to throw in the towel for nine months and say you'll worry about your weight and health once the pregnancy is over.  Being healthy, eating well and working out (as long as you have your doctor's ok, of course) can all be very beneficial to you and baby!  

- Just as we shouldn't throw in the towel health-wise, it's also not a good idea to expect that you'll be able to do everything to the exact same level as you could before pregnancy.  Some people are able to continue running marathons, and that is awesome!  This girl?  Not one of them!  I'm really trying to listen to my body and just do the absolute best I can do.  Once nugget is born I can get back into the full swing of things - and be a great role model for living a healthy life!

Do you find yourself in a similar boat?  Perhaps you have already had your baby/ies - or maybe there aren't any in the near future for you but you want to live a healthier life now!  Challenge groups aren't only for women, people who have already started their health & fitness journeys or even for people who have a great deal of weight to lose.  They can be tailored to your specific journey with your specific goals in mind - they provide support, motivation and help every step of the way - along with helping you CELEBRATE your successes!!!

In a few weeks I will be starting a brand new challenge group that is not workout-specific!  You can choose your workout (I can help you with this as well!) and we will work together to make sure you get the results YOU want!  The first step?  Just letting me know that you're interested!  You can contact me through this blog by commenting below with your email address, commenting in the pop-up box on the bottom right corner of this screen, or emailing me directly at - it's seriously that simple!  We can discuss whether a challenge group would be a good fit for you and how I can help you get where you'd like to be!

I can't wait to share your journey!

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