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New Living Room

On Monday one of the most exciting things EVER happened!  It has been a month or two in the making, but Jake and I are the proud owners of brand-new living room furniture!  About a month and a half ago we decided to go looking at various options for furniture, and a week later we went back and made the purchase!  It was just delivered on Monday and I have been very much been enjoying our new living room!  Between the desk makeover, nursery makeover-in-the-making and this furniture this feels like a whole new house lately!

The furniture we had before was good furniture, it had just been a hand-me-down (times two or three) and once we learned that we'd have a new family member in November I really started wanting to replace the sofa and loveseat.  It's still super comfortable, it just hit the end of its life for this house.  Our plan is to put it out on the curb in case anyone would like it (it may sound like a strange thing to do, but we've actually been able to get rid of several pieces of furniture this way!  If it were in horrible shape I wouldn't do it, but if someone is just moving into a new apartment or home and can't afford to buy new furniture on top of everything else this would be a fine addition to their house!)

So, in honor of the old couch I did a little collage of some times it witnessed in our house.  It's seen laughter, tears, heartbreak and incomprehensible joy.  It was on the sofa that I spent many mornings while dealing with morning sickness.  It was on the sofa that I learned an old friend had unexpectedly passed away.  This couch saw an engagement, new babies and old friends.  It was used for a baby shower and it was a place where people passed out after one too many at the bar.  The loveseat originally had a home in the dining room, but eventually got upgraded to the living room.  It was great furniture to have - but I'm excited for the new furniture we have and all the memories that it will witness!!

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