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Happy Hump Day: 19 Week Baby Bump!

Week 19 Baby Bump

19 weeks!!  It's crazy to believe (and I'm not entirely sure I can believe it!) that we are nearly 1/2 way through this whole pregnancy journey.  Then life will really change!  When Jake and I first found out we were expecting and had the ultrasound that dated it at 6.5 weeks it seemed like 40 weeks was a lightyear away.  Now that we are at 19 weeks, 40 weeks really doesn't seem too far off!  (Not that I'm ready for the winter weather that often accompanies the end of November...because I'm definitely not).
This past week was great.  My morning sickness has really dissipated and I am oh-so-grateful for that.  I feel like every day when I look in the mirror I can tell a difference in the baby bump and it is an exciting thing to see (and a little bit strange, I'll admit.  Is it ok to admit that??  It's a bit weird to know that there is another person living inside me for a while!)
Jake and I haven't really started looking into doing much in the nursery, though it has started to fill up a bit with hand-me-downs and I love it!!  I have some drastic 'cleaning out Ashley's excess clothing, etc' to tackle over the next couple months, and I think not wanting to start on that project has left me less than ecstatic about getting started on the nursery.  Seeing some of the baby things has me starting to get excited though! 
Then I went on Pinterest and saw what other people have done and got even more excited.  I think the three examples below are incredible!  None of them are really exactly what I'd want, but it's fun to daydream! 
Gender Neutral Nursery

This week my coworkers have started to notice my baby bump more than they ever have and it's been fun to see their reaction when they see the little bump under my dress!  I have a feeling that the next month or so will make this bump much larger than it is :)  I have found myself sitting with one hand on my belly more than I ever have in my life - it's nice to take a couple minutes throughout the day and just focus on the miracle that is happening and how life will change in our little family.
Here is Week 19's baby bump picture next to week 18!

Week 19 Baby Bump
I didn't really think that I had changed much over the past week, but putting these next to each other makes me go WOW!  From the side I really have added some baby weight around the middle!

Weight: 191 (+6 pounds from 185)

Sickness: Like last week I have little sickness currently, though there are still bad days.  I think not being sick all the time has definitely helped my weight start to creep up there a bit - and that is okay!  I am not getting sucked into the pregnancy mindset of throwing everything that looks tasty into my mouth, but I'm also not going to be counting every calorie either.  Happy medium for this mama-to-be!

Cravings: Nothing too crazy here!  The only thing I can think of that seems like it could fall into this category is ice cold ice water – no room temperature water for me!  It needs to be as cold as possible!  

Food Aversions: No aversions!

Clothing fittings: My stomach is really starting to show in my clothes now which is fun – it really makes you feel pregnant when you start to look it.  Pants are still the enemy so I have been sticking with dresses and skirts.  I’m glad I didn’t get rid of all my pre-weight loss clothing because it is all coming back in use and gives me room to grow!

Sleep: Last week sleeping was very difficult, and while I still had some bad nights this week I was able to sleep for longer stretches of time without waking up and having to readjust my position.  I think I am getting accustomed to sleeping on my side so it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as it was before.  The bathroom trips are still happening normally twice a night, but I think I’m so used to those that I hardly even wake up for them anymore - I'm like a zombie walking to the bathroom!

Movement: No flutters that I know of, but from what I’ve read I may not feel those for another month and a half or so. I’m very much looking forward to feeling movement though!

Emotions:  I can cry at the drop of a hat and I’m exhausted every evening, but other than that I have been fairly even-tempered.  Jake might disagree with this one ;)

Workouts: As I've mentioned before, I am doing Piyo and loving it, though I have to do a lot of the modified moves!

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