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A Butterfly Around Here

This weekend I took a (much needed) break from running around the house trying to organize, clean and downsize everything we have jammed into closets and extra bedrooms.  Truth be told, we don't actually have that much clutter or extra boxes around, but I am continually on a quest to make the house more organized, cohesive and stress-free.  For me, a box of who-knows-whats is something that aggravates me and stresses me out.  So I'm really trying to get as much of that out of the way as possible before baby comes (because I can only imagine all the additional stuff we'll have in the house in November!!)

Anyway, back to the point of this post.  I took a break from doing this cleaning out and watched a documentary that I had added to my list in Netflix.  If I'm going to take time to watch a show, 90% of the time it will be something on Netflix.  I love that there are no commercials and I can watch it much more quickly than on a normal station - plus, there's none of that "I'm going to flip channels for the next 20 minutes trying to find something remotely interesting, just to turn it on in the last 10 minutes of the show".  Netflix = timesaver.

And, once again, back to the point of the post.  I pressed play on a documentary called Paper Clips and the entire thing was, quite simply, breathtaking.  It is the story of a middle school in Whitwell, Tennessee that decided to learn about the Holocaust and the 11 million lives that were lost (6 million Jewish lives and 5 million other lives including homosexuals, Romani, the disabled and more).  The students started thinking about the Jewish toll of 6 million lives and realized they couldn't even imagine 6 million of anything, let alone lives.  

Paper Clips Documentary

They decided to make a collection, and that collection ended up being paper clips.  The students wrote to celebrities, townspeople, government officials and everyone in between to help collect the 6 million paperclips.  It was slow-going at first, but news of the project hit the media and interested parties started contacting the school.  Not only did they surpass their original goal of 6 million (at the end of the film they had received 29 million paperclips!) they were, in the process, changed.  

The students learned about the Holocaust not just from textbooks, but from survivors of the Holocaust.  They received letters with paperclips dedicated to the memory of those who perished and several survivors came to the small town to speak to them personally.  Watching these stories was incredible in an absolutely heart-breaking way.  The atrocities the survivors witnessed and lived through is something completely unimaginable to me - but something that I will try to not forget.  If you haven't seen this documentary yet, I urge you to do so.  You just might never look at a paperclip the same way again.

After watching it I was reminded of my time in Prague in college.  While there, we visited a Jewish cemetery and a children's art exhibit from Terzin, a camp-turned-ghetto where an unknown number of already-condemned Jews were sent en route to concentration camps.  While there, we walked through a memorial for the children who spent time here.  The children were unaware of what exactly was happening - though they were aware enough to know that it was bad.  They drew pictures, colored and wrote poems - and these were later put into a book called I have not seen a butterfly around here.  

I have not seen a butterfly around here

The book is something I hold dear but which also breaks my heart.  Under each drawing and poem is the child's name, date of birth and also date of death or the simple word 'survived'.  There are very few that say survived, and the thought that the little hands that drew pictures of princesses, wrote of butterflies and dreamed of going into "the far unknown, there, where no one kills another" is almost too much to comprehend.  

If you are able, I encourage you to visit Terzin and spend time there. I didn't get to visit the camp itself, but even just visiting the cemetery and the children's art exhibit will stay with me forever. But don't just walk through and see what there is to be seen - but to truly be there and experience it for what it is.  If you are unable to do that, I still encourage you to watch Paper Clips and spend a bit of your day thinking about how lucky we are to not be living the nightmare that so many had to endure.  Along with that, I stress that it is up to each of us to not take our blessings, freedom and the accompanying responsibility for granted.  The Holocaust was horrible, but it was not the only genocide and it was certainly not the most recent.  People deserve to live - and when that is ripped away from them for political motives or pure hatred, that is a stain on not only the perpetrators, but also those who stand by and watch.  

I don't normally post about these things on this blog, but the impact of this film and my memories compelled me to do so.  And, if we can't share who we truly are and what we truly feel, why share anything at all?


Kill Doubt + Start to DREAM!

It is almost the end of JULY!!  Summer has been flying by but luckily we still have a couple months left to enjoy the sun and sand (or, in Minnesota this year, the rain and thunder!!)  When summer is in the horizon a lot of us will say it's time to buckle down, get our workouts in, eat well and lean up for the summer weather and outfits.  By the time the Fourth of July is over, though, it's easy to have slipped into barbecues, beers and not really watching what is happening to our bodies anymore.

It doesn't have to be like that, though!  On August 11th I am starting a challenge group specifically for people who want to knock their results out of the park for the last half of summer and really see some BIG changes in their bodies!  Just wanting a slimmer, healthier, stronger body doesn't guarantee that we will get it - we have to work for it! As I have learned, it's a whole lot more fun to work towards these goals when you have people supporting for you, cheering you on and helping you overcome those bad days and temptations (that we all have!)

So what exactly is the point of this group, then?  

Challenge groups were designed to give you the best nutrition, fitness and support available anywhere - with no gym membership required!  You can be in a challenge group from home, while on vacation and while working a full-time job with crazy hours and 2 kids at home, too.  

The goal of the group is to help you set goals and then reach them.  In the beginning of the group we will discuss goal-setting so you can not only reach your big goals, you can do it in a healthy and intelligent way.  A challenge group is not about a quick-fix or a short-term weight loss.  This is for people who want to change their life and their health and NEVER go back to where they were again.

What do you have to do?

To be in a challenge group there are only a couple things you have to do.  First, you have to want to change.  I, as your coach, will be with you every step of the way to help you get to your goals, but you have to make the decision that you will get there!!  Secondly, you will choose a Beachbody workout program and commit to drinking Shakeology one time a day for the length of the group.

Beachbody programs are not all the same - there is truly something for everyone.  If you're unfamiliar with the programs or just aren't sure where to start, I can help you pick the perfect one to get the results you want to see!  Throughout the group we will be crafting weekly meal plans, and incorporating Shakeology into this makes this process even easier!  Shakeology isn't your standard shake - it's not a protein shake, it is a tried-and-tested daily meal replacement shake that gives you incredible nutrition at an awesome cost.  Beachbody refuses to use second-rate ingredients or production techniques, so you will get first-rate results with first-rate health!

How do I get started?

To get started, all you have to do is let me know that you're interested.  Then, we can chat about how this can work for you and I can help you choose a program!  I will then add you to a closed online support group where we will chat daily throughout the course of the group.  My job is to make sure you get the results you want and I take that job seriously!

Every morning in the group I will give you a mini-assignment to complete, something to think about, a tip, recipe or general motivation - repeating this over 60 days can completely transform your life and your body (it did for me!)

Fill out the application below and you're already on your way!!

Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.


21 Week Bump Date

Holy Hannah how is has are we already at 21 weeks??  Last week I was celebrating being halfway through the pregnancy- and now we're officially a week beyond even that!  This past week has been, in a word, busy!!!  On Monday our very first 'baby-inspired' shopping spree became a reality when our new furniture was delivered!  After finding out we were expecting I decided very quickly that the old sofa and loveseat had served their purpose and it was time for us to upgrade.  We are both so glad to have made this decision!  I absolutely am in love with our new furniture and can't wait to have the little one home with us to enjoy it as well!  

This is our new sofa (and pillows!) in all its glory!  I took a long lunch on Monday, as the estimated delivery time was between 11 and 1.  They showed up well within that time frame and moved it all in for me - I was pleased as punch!  Luckily, our old furniture also found a new home - without even having to put it on the front curb!  A woman I work with recently purchased new land in northern Minnesota, and she'll be using our furniture in one of her new living rooms - a perfect fit!  

I had a bad morning on Wednesday, but beyond that I have been feeling pretty healthy everyday - what a blessing that is!  I still have nights where all I want to do is fall asleep at 830, but even those seem to be less frequent than they once were.  

Friday Jake and I had a mini date night at a local state park.  It was great!  After work we headed south of Mankato to Minneopa State Park, had a picnic dinner and then walked around to see the falls and the river.  We did this same date night last year in the fall and the waterfalls were barely trickling - it had simply been so dry that there wasn't enough water to fall!  This year, though, the water was absolutely rushing!  It was really cool to see the difference between the two years.  The water was shockingly green, too - it reminded me of St. Patrick's Day in Chicago with the river turned green!  This was all natural, though, of course :)

It's strange to think that last year when we went we had no immediate plans to start a family.  This year, we obviously are well in to the journey!  Next year we will have to make sure to go and bring the little one along!  Three years with three entirely different family situations - pretty cool!

Saturday I did a bunch of stuff around the house - but that's for next week's post ;)  For now, here's my week 21 baby bump picture!

Weight: 195 (+10 pounds from 185)

Sickness: Horrible morning sickness on Wednesday, but other than that I've been great!  I woke up feeling super dizzy, which could be attributed to the early dinner I had on Tuesday.  I went a long time without eating, which can definitely screw you up a bit!  Breakfast on Wednesday didn't stay down, but I was able to rest a bit and go into work for a couple hours at the end of the day at least!

Cravings: Last week it was blueberry muffins, so I had those throughout this week, but beyond that I didn't have any cravings!

Food Aversions: Nothing new this week!

Clothing fittings: I've been wearing the heck out of the clothes I bought last week, but I'm also still able to fit into the majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes so I have been alright on this front.  Black pants?  I still hate them (and probably always will!)

Sleep: Sleeping has been getting better, but it's still not great.  I have essentially created a fort of pillows on our bed - one pillow under my butt, one between my legs and three layered behind my head.  It's an improvement!  I've heard a lot about these pregnancy pillows - has anyone ever tried them?

Movement: I'm still fairly convinced that the *pops* I've been feeling are, in fact, the baby, but that could just be me wanting it to be true ;)  I've definitely noticed that they happen more frequently when I'm laying down and calm - which would make sense, since that would be the easiest time to feel them.  We go in for an ultrasound on Tuesday so we'll see how much movin' & shakin' the baby is doing then!

Emotions:  I've been pretty even-tempered this week for the most part and I love it!

Workouts: Piyo has been absolutely incredible to have throughout this week.  My shoulders, upper back and lower back have been so tight and sore, and being able to workout with Piyo has been awesome.  I love the stretching that I have been able to get out of the workouts - it's a huge help!!

Next week's bump date will be pretty darn exciting for me!  Changes to the nursery (a nursery! In my house! I love it!!) as well as ultrasound pictures!!  Until then,


New Living Room

On Monday one of the most exciting things EVER happened!  It has been a month or two in the making, but Jake and I are the proud owners of brand-new living room furniture!  About a month and a half ago we decided to go looking at various options for furniture, and a week later we went back and made the purchase!  It was just delivered on Monday and I have been very much been enjoying our new living room!  Between the desk makeover, nursery makeover-in-the-making and this furniture this feels like a whole new house lately!

The furniture we had before was good furniture, it had just been a hand-me-down (times two or three) and once we learned that we'd have a new family member in November I really started wanting to replace the sofa and loveseat.  It's still super comfortable, it just hit the end of its life for this house.  Our plan is to put it out on the curb in case anyone would like it (it may sound like a strange thing to do, but we've actually been able to get rid of several pieces of furniture this way!  If it were in horrible shape I wouldn't do it, but if someone is just moving into a new apartment or home and can't afford to buy new furniture on top of everything else this would be a fine addition to their house!)

So, in honor of the old couch I did a little collage of some times it witnessed in our house.  It's seen laughter, tears, heartbreak and incomprehensible joy.  It was on the sofa that I spent many mornings while dealing with morning sickness.  It was on the sofa that I learned an old friend had unexpectedly passed away.  This couch saw an engagement, new babies and old friends.  It was used for a baby shower and it was a place where people passed out after one too many at the bar.  The loveseat originally had a home in the dining room, but eventually got upgraded to the living room.  It was great furniture to have - but I'm excited for the new furniture we have and all the memories that it will witness!!


Piyo, Pregnancy and Week 1 Meal Plan

As I mentioned on Monday in my 20 week bump date update, I started a Piyo-specific challenge group on Monday with a group of 5 other women who are all ready to kick start their health and fitness journeys, get more flexible, stronger and see some results!  I had already been doing Piyo but I decided to start the program over again for a couple reasons.  Starting over would allow me to be doing the same workouts on the same days as the rest of the group, and even though I had been doing Piyo, I wasn't able to stick completely to the schedule.  I am planning on being much more consistent this time around!

Piyo and pregnancy

Because I am pregnant, I am going into this program and challenge group with very different intentions and goals than I have had before.  I used to start a new program and have goals for weight loss, being able to stop using the modifiers and to really see how far I could push myself (safely, of course!)  This time, though, I am going into the program knowing that I will gain weight, that the modifiers are very important and that I can't push myself too far.  I am doing the program to stay healthy, flexible and strong during this pregnancy - I don't want to do anything to cause any harm to the baby or myself!

So this is my thought process in week one.  I want to stay fit, healthy and help myself stay strong throughout the pregnancy and after so I can take care of the new little one the best way possible.  I will be sticking to the workouts, but if I have to take an extra break here or there, that's what I'll do - because safety (whether you're pregnant or not!) is the number one most important thing.  Regardless of whether children are in your immediate future or not, it does us no good to push our workouts so hard that we end up having to skip the next day!  

Fit Pregnancy Quote

I have also created a meal plan for this week, but, again, this isn't set in stone.  My body will tell me if I simply can't eat something or if I need to eat more than what I have been eating!  I have made this meal plan fairly bland taste-wise, just because I had such difficulty with morning sickness in the beginning and I'm not 100% ready to start re-introducing crazy flavors and textures into my diet.  All the food on this meal plan though?  I love it!  Individually they are some of my favorite foods, so all together it's even better.  None of it is expensive or difficult to find or make - things that are very important to me!

Piyo Week 1 Meal Plan and Pregnancy

I don't mean to preface this Piyo journey with all these exceptions, but I really want to stress a couple things:

- It is absolutely, completely possible to keep up with your health & fitness while pregnant.  You don't need to throw in the towel for nine months and say you'll worry about your weight and health once the pregnancy is over.  Being healthy, eating well and working out (as long as you have your doctor's ok, of course) can all be very beneficial to you and baby!  

- Just as we shouldn't throw in the towel health-wise, it's also not a good idea to expect that you'll be able to do everything to the exact same level as you could before pregnancy.  Some people are able to continue running marathons, and that is awesome!  This girl?  Not one of them!  I'm really trying to listen to my body and just do the absolute best I can do.  Once nugget is born I can get back into the full swing of things - and be a great role model for living a healthy life!

Do you find yourself in a similar boat?  Perhaps you have already had your baby/ies - or maybe there aren't any in the near future for you but you want to live a healthier life now!  Challenge groups aren't only for women, people who have already started their health & fitness journeys or even for people who have a great deal of weight to lose.  They can be tailored to your specific journey with your specific goals in mind - they provide support, motivation and help every step of the way - along with helping you CELEBRATE your successes!!!

In a few weeks I will be starting a brand new challenge group that is not workout-specific!  You can choose your workout (I can help you with this as well!) and we will work together to make sure you get the results YOU want!  The first step?  Just letting me know that you're interested!  You can contact me through this blog by commenting below with your email address, commenting in the pop-up box on the bottom right corner of this screen, or emailing me directly at - it's seriously that simple!  We can discuss whether a challenge group would be a good fit for you and how I can help you get where you'd like to be!

I can't wait to share your journey!


What I Read in June

This year is officially half over - CRAZY!!!  I can't imagine it being 2015 (honestly, I can hardly believe it's already 2014!)

Books to Read

I am excited for so many things in the next six months (meeting the Nugget is definitely on the top of this list, of course!)  One of the things I'm excited for is all the books I will be able to read in this time.  I love re-reading old favorites and I love finding new favorites!

I've listed and reviewed below what I read in June - perhaps you'll find a new favorite in my list!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - JK Rowling

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I would say that this is one of my favorites of the Harry Potter series, but to be quite honest I'd be saying the same thing about every book in the series - I love them all!  In this, the third of seven, Harry Potter and all of Hogwarts are under heavy guard because a convicted murder, Sirius Black, has escaped from the wizard prison Azkaban and is on the loose.  Harry's teachers are concerned for his safety, and Harry gets concerned as he believes death may be following him.  I love the writing, I love the ending and I love the characters!  I think that is all that really needs to be said about this one!  

Rating: 10/10

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - JK Rowling

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Normally I am easily able to read more than two books in a month, but June proved to be difficult for me!  I spent a long time getting through the Goblet of Fire, so I didn't have a chance to read anything beyond these two Harry Potter books.  That being said, I love this series so I'm not complaining :) In this, the fourth of seven, Harry Potter goes back to Hogwarts and he and his classmates learn that the Triwizard Tournament will once again be held.  One student (aged 17 or above) from each of the three competing schools will be chosen, and they will go through three tasks to determine who is the champion!  Somehow, though, Harry's name ends up being chosen as the fourth Triwizard champion, and he must navigate through not only the three tasks, but also changing friendships and the day-to-day frustrations that come with being The Boy who Lived.  

I love love love this book, even though it took me a long time to get through it!  I enjoy that the entire magical world and its history is opened up and explored more; this book feels like it's introducing the grimness and darkness that will be felt through the rest of the series.  

Rating: Normally, I'd give this an easy 10/10.  But this time it took me so long to get through that I'm contemplating going with 8/10.  So I'll cut it down the middle and go with 9/10!

What's been on your reading list lately?


20 Week Bump Date - 1/2 Way There!

Week 20 Pregnancy

This past Saturday marked the official 1/2 way point of this pregnancy - 20 weeks!  I can't believe that we are already to this point, and that we are getting so much closer to meeting the little nugget.  This past week was great in a lot of ways.  I got to go a FULL week without getting sick once!  A full week!  Honestly, folks, this hasn't happened since about a week and a half before we even found out I was pregnant (obviously it took me a while to realize that I wasn't just tired and sick!)

I still had a few times of being nauseated and exhausted, but I am so grateful to feel healthy again that I have no problem with a small amount of sickness!

This week Jake and I tackled the project of re-doing our office space in the house.  We used to have a roll-top desk where we did any paperwork-related things like paying bills, etc.  This was also the headquarters of my Beachbody business and, to be quite honest, it was getting a bit cramped.  So I went with my mom the weekend before, bought a new desk, and Jake and I put it together this week!  I'm typing this blog post from my new desk and I am absolutely in love!  The office isn't completely finished at this point (I still have some paperwork in boxes, and there is a filing cabinet I got from my grandmother that I plan on having Jake spraypaint) but it's completely functional and I am so grateful!  

Small Office Makeover

Last weekend my parents brought the filing cabinet as well as some other things down to my house from the cities, and included in all this was some hand-me-down baby items from my cousin.  Jake brought them upstairs to the nursery once he got home, and every time I walk past that room I just grin because I know that in just a couple months our baby will be living in there!  It's surreal in a way, but it's incredible.  My wheels have started to turn on what I'd like to do in the nursery, so I expect we'll start working on that in the next month or so.

My baby bump has continued to grow, and this gave me an excuse to go shopping for clothes that will fit now and will also fit throughout the pregnancy - now I just have to clean out my closet to make room for them!!!  

Week 20 Baby Bump
The bump keeps growing!!  

Weight: 194 (+9 pounds from 185)

Sickness: None!!  A little bit of nausea but nothing at all compared to what I had been dealing with, so I'll take it!

Cravings: Blueberry muffins were my dream this week!  I finally got around to making some on Saturday and yes, they were lovely.

Food Aversions: Nothing too drastic, but when I was writing out my meal plan for the coming week I though of adding cottage cheese (normally a favorite food of mine!) I just about got sick from the thought of it.  That's the only thing I cna think of! 

Clothing fittings: I can still fit in the majority of my clothes, with the exception being a couple pairs of pants (this bump keeps them from closing!)  I went shopping this week for new clothes, though, so I'm excited to start wearing them!  I got one pair of maternity leggings I can wear to work along with 2 pairs of maternity shorts I'll be able to wear throughout the summer.  I need to get a couple more pairs of maternity pants, but beyond that I'm set!

Sleep: Sleeping has really caused me the most issues this week.  I am getting up less frequently for bathroom trips (though I'm guessing this might just be the calm before the storm!) but sleeping on my side has been a drag.  I am finding it difficult to get comfortable and so the sleep I do get isn't very restful.  I've been waking up and have lower back pain throughout the day, so I'm going to keep trying to find a better, more comfortable way to sleep.  A friend recommended piling pillows behind me so I can sleep more in a sitting up position - that's next on my list! 

Movement: I'm 95% sure that I'm starting to feel the fluttering that people talk about, but it's hard to really know for sure!  It almost feels like a little bubble *pops* in my lower abdomen area if that makes sense?  I've never felt anything like it before, and the fact that I notice it pretty often now makes me think that it's the nugget! 

Emotions:  My emotions have been much less out of control this week and I love it!  (I'm sure Jake does too!)  I think starting to make some minor changes around the house (like the office change as well as the new furniture we have coming on Monday!!) has me feeling pretty darn happy so that helps me stay even tempered!

Workouts: This week wasn't great for workouts, but I'm keeping up with Piyo.  I will actually be re-starting Piyo from the beginning on Monday because I am running a Piyo-specific challenge group with a group of girls who are also all starting it at the same time!  I can't wait to see their results as well as to get totally back into the swing of things.  Plus, I'm thinking it will help with my sore back!

That's week 20 in a nutshell!!  Until next time :) 


Happy Hump Day: 19 Week Baby Bump!

Week 19 Baby Bump

19 weeks!!  It's crazy to believe (and I'm not entirely sure I can believe it!) that we are nearly 1/2 way through this whole pregnancy journey.  Then life will really change!  When Jake and I first found out we were expecting and had the ultrasound that dated it at 6.5 weeks it seemed like 40 weeks was a lightyear away.  Now that we are at 19 weeks, 40 weeks really doesn't seem too far off!  (Not that I'm ready for the winter weather that often accompanies the end of November...because I'm definitely not).
This past week was great.  My morning sickness has really dissipated and I am oh-so-grateful for that.  I feel like every day when I look in the mirror I can tell a difference in the baby bump and it is an exciting thing to see (and a little bit strange, I'll admit.  Is it ok to admit that??  It's a bit weird to know that there is another person living inside me for a while!)
Jake and I haven't really started looking into doing much in the nursery, though it has started to fill up a bit with hand-me-downs and I love it!!  I have some drastic 'cleaning out Ashley's excess clothing, etc' to tackle over the next couple months, and I think not wanting to start on that project has left me less than ecstatic about getting started on the nursery.  Seeing some of the baby things has me starting to get excited though! 
Then I went on Pinterest and saw what other people have done and got even more excited.  I think the three examples below are incredible!  None of them are really exactly what I'd want, but it's fun to daydream! 
Gender Neutral Nursery

This week my coworkers have started to notice my baby bump more than they ever have and it's been fun to see their reaction when they see the little bump under my dress!  I have a feeling that the next month or so will make this bump much larger than it is :)  I have found myself sitting with one hand on my belly more than I ever have in my life - it's nice to take a couple minutes throughout the day and just focus on the miracle that is happening and how life will change in our little family.
Here is Week 19's baby bump picture next to week 18!

Week 19 Baby Bump
I didn't really think that I had changed much over the past week, but putting these next to each other makes me go WOW!  From the side I really have added some baby weight around the middle!

Weight: 191 (+6 pounds from 185)

Sickness: Like last week I have little sickness currently, though there are still bad days.  I think not being sick all the time has definitely helped my weight start to creep up there a bit - and that is okay!  I am not getting sucked into the pregnancy mindset of throwing everything that looks tasty into my mouth, but I'm also not going to be counting every calorie either.  Happy medium for this mama-to-be!

Cravings: Nothing too crazy here!  The only thing I can think of that seems like it could fall into this category is ice cold ice water – no room temperature water for me!  It needs to be as cold as possible!  

Food Aversions: No aversions!

Clothing fittings: My stomach is really starting to show in my clothes now which is fun – it really makes you feel pregnant when you start to look it.  Pants are still the enemy so I have been sticking with dresses and skirts.  I’m glad I didn’t get rid of all my pre-weight loss clothing because it is all coming back in use and gives me room to grow!

Sleep: Last week sleeping was very difficult, and while I still had some bad nights this week I was able to sleep for longer stretches of time without waking up and having to readjust my position.  I think I am getting accustomed to sleeping on my side so it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as it was before.  The bathroom trips are still happening normally twice a night, but I think I’m so used to those that I hardly even wake up for them anymore - I'm like a zombie walking to the bathroom!

Movement: No flutters that I know of, but from what I’ve read I may not feel those for another month and a half or so. I’m very much looking forward to feeling movement though!

Emotions:  I can cry at the drop of a hat and I’m exhausted every evening, but other than that I have been fairly even-tempered.  Jake might disagree with this one ;)

Workouts: As I've mentioned before, I am doing Piyo and loving it, though I have to do a lot of the modified moves!


Beachbody Coach Summit 2014

As you might know (especially if you follow me on Instagram), I recently got home from Las Vegas!  It was awesome, incredible and SO much fun – but let me tell you something!  Walking + desert heat + time change + pregnancy = absolute exhaustion!!!  I don’t think I have ever been more tired in my entire life (I took a nap.  In Vegas.  Seriously.  I wouldn’t joke about this, people.  Who does that?!)
Anyway, I am now fully rested and recovered and after a week home I feel like I have had enough time to reflect on the experience to really feel up to writing a blog about it. 
What could I possibly have to reflect on from a trip to Las Vegas?  Well this wasn’t just any trip.  As I did last year, I went to Las Vegas for a weekend away with Beachbody for their annual coach Summit.  This is a long weekend of celebration, meeting fellow coaches and training.  It isn’t just any old boring company retreat though – this is a top-notch weekend of entertainment and enrichment!
Before leaving I had a CRAZY and stressful Monday and Tuesday at work.  I was oh-so-happy to clock out for the weekend on Tuesday afternoon (a weekend that starts on Tuesday?!  Does it get any better than that??)  I had an early morning flight on Wednesday, so on Tuesday evening I was chasing around the house trying to get packed (I procrastinate.  It’s a problem, I know.)  When Wednesday morning rolled around I was good to go!  My sister-in-law brought me to the airport and I was off! 
I arrived in Las Vegas and spent the afternoon poolside with some other coaches – it was lovely!  The official Coach Summit activities didn’t start until Thursday, however, so I had Wednesday evening free.  I have several aunts and uncles who live in the area and they ended up bringing me over for dinner on Wednesday – it was great to get to see family I rarely get to see!  

Coach Summit 2014
Beachbody Summit

Thursday was the official opening ceremony, you could say!  I started the day at a meeting put on for the entire team that I am a part of.  This team is seriously at the top of the Beachbody business - it is led by 2013's top coach, and 2014's current top coach is my coach!  To say that I was inspired would be an understatement.  At this meeting we got to listen to multiple coaches share their stories and words of wisdom, and we were also visited by the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler and Autumn Calabrese, who recently premiered the 21 Day Fix!   I absolutely loved this meeting - it got me so excited for the rest of Summit! 

Later on Thursday was the Summit Opening Session.  There were over 9,000 coaches in the MGM casinos's arena and the atmosphere was awesome!!!  There was humor, celebration, recognition and just an overwhelming feeling of "this is an INCREDIBLE thing to experience."  New products were launched and new things were announced - too much to fit into just one post!

Beachbody Coach Summit

My grandma, mom and cousin were also in Vegas that same weekend for grandma's birthday, so on Thursday evening I was able to meet up with them (and then promptly fall asleep after about a 30-second struggle to keep my eyes open!)
On Friday morning there was another general session, and following that we broke off into training sessions.  Beachbody gives us the opportunity to truly learn from each other and engage with each other - I absolutely love going to these sessions as I walk out of each and every one feeling like I can take on the world and that I have so many new tools with which to do just that!  This year's Summit theme was Never Give Up and I am so glad I made it a priority to be at Summit this year.  Even with being pregnant and, truthfully, struggling to make it to everything, I wouldn't trade the experience for the world!

Team Beachbody Summit

On Saturday I was able to listen to what might be the best speaker I have ever heard.  Diana Nyad, the woman who (at 64 years of age!) became the first person to ever swim from Cuba to Florida without a protective cage, was the guest speaker of the night and she was absolutely incredible.  To hear all the struggles she went through - failed attempts, dashed dreams, sexual abuse, giving up and then to turn it all around and decide that she was NOT going to give up?  It was absolutely jaw-droppingly amazing to hear her story and how she came out triumphant!

Diana Nyad Coach

I went to Las Vegas and I was grateful and excited about the opportunities being a Beachbody coach has brought into my life.  When I left, I was still excited and grateful, but these feelings were multiplied in more ways than I can express.  This company has not only helped me completely transform my body and my health, it has given me the chance to help others do the same.  As a coach I am a support system, a cheerleader, a sounding board and a voice of reason.  So many people want to change, have tried to change, are ready to change but find it difficult - to be the person that can help them push through the struggles and get to the results they want is incredible!

I saw and experienced more at Coach Summit than I could ever describe in a blog - there were parties, things that made me laugh, stories that made me cry and more inspiration than I can even believe now!  The only way to truly understand?  To be a part of it!  
Next year Beachbody's Summit will be moving away from Las Vegas and will instead be in Nashville.  I will be spending the next year helping more people - changing more lives - and continuing to transform my own life, both physically and financially with the help of Beachbody.  If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, I would love to chat!  Whether you want to learn more about nutrition, get a workout schedule in place or start helping other people transform their lives, I can help you get there!

Coach Summit Nashville

My goal over the next year is to help FIVE people live more financially free and emotionally blessed lives - because when we help others we are blessed in return!  To be considered for one of those five spots, please fill out the following form!  I will be in touch with you soon and we can get YOU started on YOUR life's transformation!

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