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Why Meal Plan?

Happy Monday everyone!  We have successfully completed the first day of the work week - remember this: only four more to go, only four more to go :)

With the help of some Zofran and avoiding any crazy foods over the weekend I had a relatively healthy couple days and it. felt. awesome.  As I was thinking about this last night, I decided that it is definitely time I get back into the meal planning and sharing game.  Being sick the last few months has limited my food intake but as I'm now (hopefully!) on the upswing I am eating more - which is great!  I do not want to fall into the "I'm pregnant and am going to eat anything I feel like eating" trap, though, because I want to have as healthy of a pregnancy as possible!

So what does that call for?  Meal planning!

Over the past year of coaching, I have noticed that people most often struggle with two things when they start on any health & fitness journey: 1) Being stubborn with their workouts (getting them in and making them a priority rather than an option) and 2) Meal planning for the best results.

Because this is where people struggle the most, this is where my job as a coach comes in!  I know without a shadow of a doubt that if you stubbornly stick to your workouts and meal plan you WILL see success!  So why do so many find it so hard to do the meal plan portion of it?

Why Meal Plan

Because, at the end of the day, it can be scary to get started.  Perhaps you've never put much thought into how to work a meal plan.  Maybe you're not sure what foods are acceptable and which should be avoided in non-cheat meals.  It could be that you want to save money and you don't see how you could possibly eat healthy and stick to a budget at the same time!  Is the family convincing you that you can't make healthy meals that everyone will eat?  Does your work day and home life make it seem like you're just too busy to do it?

Here is the solution: just do it!  Meal planning can help you in SO many ways.  You can control you and your family's food intake, which not only makes it healthier it also makes it - wait for it - cheaper!  If you know ahead of time what you'll be making each day that week, you won't have the "go to the grocery store and buy anything that you know anyone in the family likes so you can thrown a last-minute meal together every night of the week" shopping spree.  

Meal planning not only is healthier, it can also be a major time saver!  If you know what you'll be eating ahead of time, you can take a small amount of time out at the beginning of the week and prep your foods for the rest of the week.  Then just throw them together and go!  Having veggies and almonds as a snack one day?  You can pre-chop the veggies and get the almonds divided out ahead of time!  Then when it comes time for your crustless quiche later on in the week, you will also have the veggies pre-chopped for that.  Hello TIME SAVER!!!

So how do you get started meal planning for health, weight loss or toning?  That is where I come in!  I have spent the last year meal planning, tweaking my system and finding new recipes.  I can give you a step-by-step beginner's guide as well as support along the way as you start on your health and fitness journey.  I have sample meal plans and ideas for how to find things that will work with your life, whether you have a picky eater at home, spend a lot of time on the road or simply don't enjoy cooking!

To top it all off, I can help you get stubborn with those workouts too!  Whether your goal is to simply live a more healthy live, lose the last 10 pounds or get started on losing a large amount of weight, I can help you!  The way to get started?  Take that very first step and let me know you want help!  To do that, all you have to do is fill out the form below for my upcoming challenge group and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

I can't wait to start meal planning with you!

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