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Why Beachbody?

Today when I got home from work I did what I always do - check the mail.  It was an especially exciting day in the mailbox today; there was exactly one piece of paper in it.  This paper was an invitation to join  certain gym in the area.  It was addressed to "current resident" and after looking at it for a second I dropped it on the coffee table and forgot about it until I sat down after my workout (which I did at home - Focus T25 Beta cycle's Speed 2.0 to be exact!)

I am not bashing gyms - not at all!  I know that a lot of people frequent gyms and get incredible results - and that is awesome.  My whole goal in being a Beachbody coach is to help people get results and live healthier lives - if what you're doing works for you that's great!

Why, then, did I choose to put my health in the hands of Beachbody?  Why did I choose to be a challenger and now a coach for this company instead of all the others that are out there?  Of course there are options - countless options!  Why do I think Beachbody is the best option there is?

Beachbody Support

The system of support that Beachbody has created is unparalleled.  You don't have to go somewhere special to get support, attend meetings or even pay for a coach.  I am a coach 100% free of charge to my customers.  When I signed up with my coach I did so for free and I got incredible support, encouragement and help while I took a minute to figure out what I wanted to do and how I could best hit my goals.  

I decided to join a challenge group because I liked the idea of being on the journey with other people.  My husband has never had to worry about losing a pound in his life, and if you could see his family you would understand where he gets it from!  He will likely never have to worry about this, and though he supported me on my weight loss, he couldn't truly understand the struggle.

In my challenge group I met several people who were all dealing with the same issues, the same struggles and the same setbacks.  We were there to encourage each other and we were able to help each other - we shared recipes, did happy dances when one of us hit a goal and helped each other get re-committed if anyone had a bad day.

After I graduated from that challenge group the support continued!  I still talk to these women almost a year later even though we have never actually met each other in person!  There are other Facebook groups I am actively involved in and I have met countless people through these, even though we live all around the world.

Surround Yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher

 Beachbody and Beachbody challenge groups get you excited about health and fitness and they truly help you craft the body and lifestyle that you want!  I discovered a passion for health and fitness, and the support I have received from all over the Beachbody community has been incredible.

As a coach I not only get to run challenge groups, I get to witness my challengers supporting and helping each other out!  I am a part of The Dream Team, which is the number two team in all of Beachbody.  As coaches we not only help each other succeed in the business, we help each other in our own fitness transformations as well as with every day struggles that anyone deals with.

Although Beachbody is a health and fitness company, I am so grateful to have become a part of it for reasons that go well beyond health and fitness.  I feel more confident, more passionate and more excited about what's to come than I can remember feeling for a very long time.  

Surround Yourself with the Dreamers and Doers

Although it is my journey, I have friends that I can connect with any time of day without leaving my house - I have people supporting me no matter if I do my workout at 1 am, 1 pm, 5 am or 5 pm!  I don't have to schedule my day around when a class or club is meeting, I can workout, coach my challengers and still do everything else I want to do during the day - on my schedule!

I realize that both of the images I included on this post start with "surround yourself".  This was an intentional decision on my part, because I truly feel that I am constantly surrounded by people who are encouraging, uplifting, helping and rooting for me.  Beachbody has introduced this group of people into my life and I am truly blessed and better for having them on the journey with me.

I have a number of other reasons why I have chosen Beachbody and why I am completely confident that I have chosen well - but I will save those for another day :) 

If you want support in your journey, or just have questions about what Beachbody is all about, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

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