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So long hair, see ya later!

This month, as I've mentioned before, is my official "Cancer Sucks" month.  I've seen a number of people around me be diagnosed with cancer and, quite frankly, I'm ready for it to back off!  I have complete faith that each of them will kick it's ass and I will be right there cheering them on.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is by donating a portion of every challenge pack sold this month to cancer research, but I also wanted to put my hair on the line!  A friend and fellow Beachbody Coach, Katy, is in the process of beating cancer, and she made the decision to not let cancer take her hair - she gave it willingly! 

I joined many other coaches and friends in supporting Katy by chopping off my own hair.  If you feel compelled to join us, the hashtag is #kutsforkaty !!  And now, without any further ado - my hair transformation!

In the morning before my hair cut it was hitting around the bottom of my shoulder blades.  To be honest, it had been quite a while since I had a hair cut, so although I could curl it or straighten it to look alright, it was getting pretty frayed and stringy towards the end.  I had been thinking about getting it cut for a while and the #kutsforkaty campaign kicked me in the butt and got me to do it!

I went to the Level 7 Salon in Jordan, MN and loved it!  I have been there before but this was the first time I requested such a drastic change - and they were great!  I brought in several pictures I had saved on Pinterest and after talking for a bit, we decided to go with a pretty major hair cut and a big change in color.  In high school I was a super-blonde (see: white blonde) and in college I had gone pretty dark.  We opted for foils of highlights and violet brown with an all over chocolate brown color.  It's pretty intense but I like it!

I feel like a whole new lady!  My hair is lighter, easier to take care of and I think it makes me look more put together as well.  I'm very happy with the haircut, and I'm very happy to be dedicating this month to helping end both obesity AND cancer.  

Same hair, different day!
This may not be a post about health and fitness, but it IS about fighting for a healthy life and taking control of our own lives.  If you have been struggling with dedication to a workout program or motivation to eat well, comment below!  I am here to coach you through the struggles and support you as you as you make the changes!  

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Oh wow it looks great!!!! Love it!