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Mission: Closet Organization

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend Jake and I were very successful at tackling some weekend projects that have been hanging over our heads!  Some of them were things that we have to deal with every weekend: laundry, dishes, cleaning the house, etc.  But some of them were things that we don't normally do - projects that have been on the 'to-do' list.  Well, we finally got around to getting them done!

On Saturday Jake took care of taking down the curtains from our front room and washing them as I got my hair done.  One set of three curtains were washed and dried by the time I got home so we were able to work together to get them shortened, sewed and hung back up.  By the time we had finished those three, the last three were dried!  It may be a small change, but for me it really has lightened up the room and made it feel cleaner and brighter to me.  Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference :)

Shorten Curtains
If you'd like a diy on this project, it's super simple!  We just took down the curtains, washed them, and measured from the top of the curtain rod to where we wanted them to end after we shortened them.  After the curtains were dry, we measured to where we wanted them to end and marked this on the back side of the curtain with a fabric pencil (just a small mark!) and then marked about 5 inches below that line.  We cut at the bottom mark, folded them up so the rough edge lined up with the top mark, and then folded a second time at the top mark  Pinned at the top of the fold over and sewed along that edge.  Ta da!  Done!
Along with that we cleaned the stove (actually, I'll admit, Jake cleaned the stove.  I had very little to do with this project).

Closet Organization

Sunday, though, was go time on a project I have been putting off for far too long. Jake and I had a very successful day of going through my clothes and I can say that it was actually a lot of fun!  My closet and drawers are full of clothes that are too big, and it was a great feeling to be able to throw them right in a bag and prep to give them away! 

I have kept a pair of black pants that I was wearing when I started this weight loss journey - they are now multiple sizes too big and when I put them on Jake couldn't even believe that I had been wearing them!  He said they looked like Fat Albert's pants, which made me giggle.  (Though if had said that a year ago I would have likely broken down in tears.)  It's fun to see the difference a year can make!  I put those black pants right back in the bottom drawer so I can go back to them as I continue to lose weight and tone up.

One of the mini conversations Jake and I had while we were doing this made me smile and feel pretty darn proud of myself (and happy, of course, in my choice of husband!)  It went like this:

Jake: You have a lot of black shirts.
Me: Yeah I do.
Jake: They say black clothes are slimming. But you're already getting so slim so you don't need all these black clothes anymore.
Me: :)

                                                                 What a nice guy, huh?

Live your life on purpsoe

I love when you get weekends that are productive, relaxing and fun all at the same time!  A lot of times it seems like weekends go by in a blur and you either are able to relax a lot, have a lot of fun or get a lot of stuff done - but rarely do you accomplish all three!  I have been making a conscious effort to be more intentional in how I spend my time lately.  Too often I feel like I have let minutes, hours, even days go by without really doing much of anything!  A bit of intentional planning can go a long way!

Now that the to-do list is a bit shorter, I can start brainstorming some new items to add to it!  Because really, what are you doing if you're not trying to improve??

Were you able to accomplish a lot of things this weekend?  What's still on your to-do list?

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