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Focus T25 - Woman's Results

Well as of yesterday I have done it!!!  I have completed my second Shaun T program (the first being Insanity, which I finished a year ago).  I am feeling a ton of different things about this program and the results I saw - I hardly know where to start!

T25 Woman's Results
Might as well start with a selfie, right??
For those who don't know, Focus T25 is a Beachbody program that was just released this past summer.  It gives awesome results without requiring a lot of time!  Whereas some programs have 45 minute, 60 minute or longer workouts, T25 only has 25 minutes that you have to dedicate.  It is a non-stop workout for those 25 minutes, but it's great to get done so quickly!  I know for me, and a lot of others, it is difficult to schedule out an hour or more for a workout somedays.  But 25 minutes anyone can do!  (Fridays can either be a double day of two 25 minute workouts, making it a 5-day a week program, or you can extend the double day out to Saturday and make it a 6-day a week program.)  Every week I decided how I would do that depending on my schedule - I like the flexibility!

While doing Focus T25 I got stronger than I ever have been (seriously, you should see my push-ups - I've never been able to do them so well before!) I also hit a lot of goals and saw numbers on the scale that I haven't seen for years!  I fell in love with the program which made it easy to stick to it.  Was I perfect?  No.  Will I ever be?  No.  Am I proud of what I did?  Absolutely!

Now, for those numbers...

Focus T25 Results

Focus T25 Alpha + Beta is a 10 week program, and I have to say that being down 10 pounds in 10 weeks is nothing to be ashamed of!!  The fact that I am also down over 9 inches around my body makes me ecstatic!!!

I honestly cannot tell you the last time that I was in the 180s - but here I am!  When I started on my weight loss journey I was at 249 pounds and being in the 100s seemed like an impossible dream.  But through the support of challenge groups, the incredible Beachbody programs and replacing one meal a day with Shakeology I can honestly say that I have not only transformed my body, I have transformed my life as well! 

When I first started on the path to losing weight, my coach asked me to take pictures and send them to her - and I dreaded it.  I did it, but I hated them. H.A.T.E.D. them.  I sent them and hid them on my computer.  Now I will show them to anyone who wants to see them - because I'm PROUD of the progress I have made!  Do I have a supermodel body?  No.  Are there things I'd still like to change?  Yes.  Am I happy with where I am because I know the work it took to get here?  You can bet your butt I am!

T25 Results

In these pictures I can see a difference!  Granted, 10 pounds  isn't going to completely change what I look like.  But I can see that my tummy is not sticking out nearly as far as it was, my back flab under my bra is almost gone and my shoulders are more well-defined.  All of these things I am HAPPY with!!! 

When I saw my ending weight after this first round of Focus T25 I seriously did a happy dance right then and there!   In my journey, weighing 189 does not just represent 10 pounds lost with Focus T25.  It also represents a total of 60 pounds lost.  60!  Imagine a stick of butter.  Now imagine 240 of them.  That is how much weight 60 pounds is!  That is CRAZY to me!!!   

Here I am from those very first pictures that I hated to today...

Beachbody Results

I wasn't planning on putting these pictures side-by-side, but after mentioning that first group of pictures I was curious to see the change - and I can honestly say that I can't even believe that I had been that size!!!  I couldn't help but tear up when I thought of how PROUD I am of her for making the decision to start, even though she was nervous. scared. ashamed. embarrassed. doubtful.

Starting tomorrow I will be re-starting Focus T25 over again to see what else I can get out of this program!  Alpha, Beta and then I'll be doing Gamma for the first time - I'm pumped!!!  

If you have been thinking about getting in shape but are afraid, nervous, doubtful or anything else, please let me know!  I would love to help you get started and share your journey with you.  If I hadn't taken that leap of faith I know I wouldn't be where I am today - what a difference a year can make!

Are you ready to see YOUR after picture?

Comment below with your email address or contact me through the program in the bottom right of this screen - I can't wait to hear from you!

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