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Focus T25: Round Two Goals and Meal Plan

Yesterday I wrote about my experiences, successes and thought with Beachbody & Shaun T's program Focus T25.  It got me to 60 pounds of weight loss and it was a lot of fun.  So much fun, in fact, that I decided to give it another go!  So yesterday I started my second round of Focus T25!

You might be asking - what exactly is Focus T25?  Well let me tell ya!  Focus T25 (just T25 for short) is a workout program designed by Shaun T.  

Shaun T

T25 is broken into two segments: Alpha and Beta with an add-on Gamma segment for after you've completed the first two cycles.  I have not yet done Gamma, but my plan is to re-do Alpha & Beta rounds and move onto Gamma then.  Each workout is only 25 minutes a day.  There are no longer or shorter workouts - they're all 25 minutes (makes it much easier to plan!)  On the fifth day of your workout week (often Friday, though not always) you have a 'double day'.  This day has you do two workouts.  Many times people will break a double day into two separate days.  So, instead of a 5 day workout week you have a 6 day week.  It is non-stop movement through the 25 minutes, but just when you're getting to the point of breaking you look at the clock and there are less than 10 minutes left!  I love the speed of the workouts and I love that they are able to really kick my butt in such a short amount of time!

I'm a big fan of Shaun T programs and this one is no exception!  Now that I have completed one round of it I am even more excited to jump into it - though my goals have changed a bit this time!

Focus T25 Round Two

Now that I know how the program works, what the workouts are like and that I CAN do it, I will be focusing on my meal planning for the time through.  I feel like my meals kept me from getting even more results the last time, and I am determined to make them happen this time around!  

The last week of Beta round I stuck 100% to my meal plan, I spoke to my husband about how important it is to me and I drank plenty of water each day.  I truly think that all these things helped me finish the program at an awesome place - as well as start the second round at a great place!

Here is my meal plan for the first week as well as the first week's workout schedule:
Focus T25 Meal Plan

I haven't yet tried all of these recipes, but when I do I will be sure to do a blog post and share the good ones with you!  As you can see, my breakfast, afternoon snack and after-dinner snack don't change much.  I'm a creature of habit and it makes it much easier for me if I don't have to think too much about what I'm going to be eating - then I don't reach for the things I shouldn't be!  

Each meal has a mix of complex carbs and protein so they help my body kick start its metabolism as well as keeping it going for a long time after I'm done eating.  This is the base of Clean Eating and it is what makes it such a great way to meal plan!

T25 Alpha Week One Calendar

I can't wait to see what my results will be after this second time through!  I am using the "after" pictures and measurements that I shared yesterday for my "before" pictures for this round - they were only taken 2 days ago, after all :) 

Have you done T25?  Have you thought about it?  If you have any questions about the program, Shakeology or about being in my next challenge group, please let me know - that's what I'm here for!

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