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Focus T25 Beta Week 4 Results - and where do I go next?

Today I start the last week of Focus T25 Beta round.  I have completed the entire 5 weeks of Alpha round along with 4 weeks of Beta round and now I am set to be done with it completely!  There is a third round, Gamma round, but I'm going to put that one off for another 2.5 months.  Not because I need a break from T25 or that I'm getting discouraged with not seeing results.  I don't want to move to a different trainer and I'm not switching gears.  Instead, I am so impressed by and so excited with the results I have seen so far with Focus T25, I'm doing it again!

This time, though, it's going to be different.  

This time I have already done the workouts once through so I will be able to give 100% of my focus to doing them better rather than learning them.
This time I no longer have a second job on Wednesday nights, so I won't be tempted to change the schedule around to give myself a rest day on Wednesday.

This time I will be documenting the week's changes every week on this blog.  I have been posting about my results every week during this first go-round, but for the second go-round I will be sharing numbers, stats, pictures and my thoughts on each day.  I am dedicating myself to this task and I am excited to get started!
I will, every week, be sharing my meal plan that I create for that week.  And I will be sticking to the meal plan!

Before I can do that, though, I have one week left to get through.  I have made it to my lowest weight yet (192.0) thanks to Focus T25 and over the next 11 weeks my goal is to get to 180.  This number, to me, is something that I set out to hit a long time ago.  I can honestly say that when I first set this goal I didn't think it was realistic.  I was 249 pounds and being under 200 seemed like a pipe dream, let alone being 20 pounds below 200.

I have made it this far, though, and I am determined to continue!  I am proud of myself for the fact that I lost this weight in a healthy, hard-working and fun way.  I didn't eat too little and I didn't work out too often.  I didn't lose 5 pounds a week and I didn't get down on myself when I had a bad week.  I joined a support group and I have continually been in one since I started.  I have hit goals I may not have believed were possible.  I made the impossible possible.  

I'm not saying all this to tell you how awesome I am, though it may sounds like it.  I am writing all this down because I am proud and I am excited.  It has been a lot of hard work but I want to make it known that if I can do it so can you!  It won't always be easy and it won't always be pretty - but it will be worth it.

I am starting a new health & fitness support group on April 1 and I would love to have you in it.  Together we will map out a plan to make your goals a reality - and then we will map out new plans for the next phase!  If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you get not only in the best physical shape of your life, but also in the best emotional shape (we're talking a positive attitude, optimism, pride and energy!!!) comment below or email me directly at  

For me, one more week of Focus T25 Beta - then it all starts over :)

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