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Focus T25 Beta Meal Plan Week Five

Nine weeks, one day down and only four more to go until I will have completed the entire first ten weeks of Focus T25!!  Sunday afternoon I took a little bit of time and created my meal plan for this week.  I have big goals of seeing 180 pop up on the scale, and as much as T25 gives awesome results, what I eat will have just as big, if not an even larger, impact on the results I see.  

Lose Weight in the Kitchen

As I go into starting T25 over again I will be putting more focus on my meal plan since I already know to workouts, am familiar with the moves and am used to the workout schedule.  The other day at work I got a new cookbook, Hungry Girl to the Max, and I will be trying out some of those recipes to incorporate into my meal plan.

I'm a big fan of leftovers as well as using simple, quick and cheap recipes.  As much as I love to cook, I'll be very honest in saying that if a recipe has several items that I don't have, I'm probably going to flip past it and find a different one.  All the recipes I chose for this meal plan look tasty (but I'll tell you my opinion on them after I've made them!) and have simple ingredients.  

Healthy Eating

As my husband Jake looked at the meal plan he reminded me of something I overlooked - Lent is here!  So that means the chicken taquitos I was planning for Friday will not really work.  My solution is just to do a flip-flop.  The taquitos will be for Thursday, the tilapia and veggies will be for Friday.  Presto-chango done!

Here is the meal plan I've made for this week:

Focus T25 Meal Plan

I'm pretty darn excited about the food I have on here!!  Some are new recipes, some are old standbys, and they are all yummy!  You'll notice that my afternoon snack is a mini Shakeology.  This is just a half-glass of Shakeology that I'm having a bit before I workout to get me energized and ready to kick butt!  It's simple, tasty and of course really healthy!

What do you think of my meal planning, or just meal planning in general?  Anyone on here that you'd like to try?

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