Women's FocusT25 Alpha Results

Five weeks DONE!!!  I am so excited to announce that I have finished Focus T25 Alpha round - and I am pretty darn proud of the results I have to show for it.  

This program has been challenging, fun, exciting, tiring and crazy!!  I haven't always felt like working out and I have had some bobbles along the way.  But the important part is that I didn't give up and I didn't give in!  It took me six weeks to complete a five week program (super senior year I guess!) but I finished all five of them and I am proud of myself for sticking to it.  To give you a taste of just what it's been like, here are a couple of my post-workout accountability selfies:

Focus T25 is the newest program by Shaun T, the same man who created Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity: The Asylum and Rockin Body.  I have tried a lot of programs with various trainers, but I seem to respond the best to Shaun T - I trust him with my fitness journey and he hasn't let me down!  

That being said, I can also say that doing Insanity and now Focus T25 has given me more strength, endurance and confidence to be able to tackle ANY workout; I am excited to tackle my next program, Body Beast!  But before I get too far ahead of myself, I still have another 5 weeks with Focus T25 Beta to complete, and most likely Gamma after that.  

Today, though, I am celebrating my results from Alpha Round!!!

T25 hasn't just helped me lost 3.4 pounds and at least 5 inches, it has also helped me GAIN so much more!

I am stronger, healthier and more confident than ever before.  I can do lunges, squats and burpees like a champ (though, of course, there is room for improvement).  I broke through the plateau that held me between 198 and 201 for the longest time; I am on the downward trend and I am loving it! 

It helped me fit into a dress that I hadn't been able to zip before, and it has me seeing changes in my muscle definition that hadn't been there yet!

I loved T25 Alpha and I can't wait to get started with Beta!  If you have been contemplating starting up with a fitness program to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle I would love to help you out!  I am starting a Shaun T-focused challenge group in just a couple weeks and am looking for a few more challengers.  Because I am such a fan of the Shaun T products, I am offering $20 cash back to anyone who joins up!

Head over to http://www.localpostcards.blogspot.com/2014/02/shaun-t-challenge.html to fill out the application and to learn more!

Now, onto Beta...

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