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Weight Loss in Selfies

I have been told that I take and share too many selfies.  But selfies are the new rage, right?  Take a picture of yourself looking your best, your worst, your funniest and share it with all your closest friends (as well as people you don't know and even some people you don't like!)

Through Instagram and Facebook I have been documenting my journey in weight loss and healthy living, and one of the main ways I do this is by taking selfies!  I take them after working out as accountability pictures, I take them after fitting into clothes that once were too small as a way to celebrate and I take them simply because I am proud of the changes I'm making and why shouldn't I document the journey?!

My very first smart-phone selfie taken last January.  I think I've changed quite a bit since then! 

But, like I said, some people think that I take too many.  Once every couple of days doesn't seem like a lot to me, but everyone's entitled to their opinion, right?!

I started thinking about this phenomenon called "selfies" this morning after I took another one and I realized that, to me, they are more than just a way for me to share my smile with the world :)  They have become an important way for me to see my progress as my journey goes on.  My face has become much slimmer and it is fun to see the difference from when I first started to today!  I don't take a lot of pictures besides selfies, so if it weren't for them I wouldn't be able to document the progress in the same way.  

Never Apologize for Selfies

So, for anyone who is sick of my selfies, I will apologize right here and now (#sorryimnotsorry) and advise you not to continue reading!  If you're a fan of selfies (or don't have an opinion either way) then please see the collage below!  This is a time-lapse collage of my selfies starting from March of last year (Upper Left) to today (Lower Right).  

Weight Loss Selfies

I may not see the changes every day but it is SO cool to see how I've slowly been changing over the year!  I do have to note this, though - I think my face actually looks the slimmest in the lower right, but I think a lot of that is thanks to angle, hairstyle and Instagram filter :)  

What do you think about selfies?  Are you a fan?  Have you ever put all your selfies together like this?  If so, share!  I'd love to see your journey as well!

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