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Shaun T Challenge!

It's no joke that I love me some Shaun T.  His Insanity program is what got me past my first 50 pounds of weight loss and made me realize that I can love working out.  (Me, the girl who hated gym class and would avoid it at all costs.  No joke.)

Shaun T

He is most well-known for Insanity and his newest program, Focus T25 but there is a lot more to the man than just those two!  He also has two less-crazy-intense programs, Hip Hop Abs and Rockin' Body, as well as Insanity: The Asylum, which is a more sports-training version of Insanity.  

The man knows what he's doing when it comes to training and I would trust myself to any of his programs for awesome results but also a great time!  There are some workouts that seem to drag - they may only be 35 minutes but they seem like an hour.  This is totally not the case with any of these programs!  The time flies, you're getting a great workout and you're having fun all at the same time; what more can you ask for?

Women's Insanity Results
My Insanity 60 day results!

I have been sharing my experiences with these programs for the last year or so, and I have noticed that there are a lot of people who want to try out the workouts but aren't sure they can cut it or don't know where to start.  Well I'm here to help!  I am putting together a Shaun T Challenge Group and during this week I am going to make it easier and cheaper to join!

So here is how it works:  You pick a Shaun T program (and I can help you pick the perfect one!), commit to the 60 day focus group on Facebook and replacing one meal a day with Shakeology - if you can do these things, I will commit to you and I will be with you every step of the way on your journey!  Not only that, I will give you $20 cash back!  I'm a huge believer in these program, Shaun T as a trainer and in YOUR ability to transform your health and life - and I'm putting my money where my mouth is!!!

Shaun T challenge

All you have to do to get started is fill out the application form below - then we can work together to not only hit your goals, but to exceed them as well!

I can't wait to celebrate your successes!

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