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Life hits hard. I hit harder.

Do you ever have a week where it seems like the punches just keep coming?  I have heard about so many difficulties and struggles people are facing lately and it has had me playing my music a bit louder than normally, lunging a bit deeper in my workouts and praying a bit harder than during an ordinary week.  

We have one life - no matter what is thrown at us or what we watch being thrown at those around us, we get the hand we're dealt and have to roll with the punches.

But no one ever said we can't punch back!  

I believe in living life with a smile, a positive attitude and a dream I'm reaching for.  I have complete faith that every struggle with which people are struggling will turn into a success story they can share later in life.  As they get to that success story, though, I will be thinking of them, praying for them and fighting alongside them in any way I can.

I titled this blog Life hits hard.  I hit harder.  because that phase has been running through my head lately.  If I could punch all the crap people are dealing with lately and get it gone I would do so in a heart beat.  Call me the love child of Chuck Norris and Ali if you'd like; I'd be in full-on attack mode.

I guess that's another life lesson I'm relearning.  Just because we want to fix something instantaneously doesn't mean we can.  But we sure can join in the fight while they make their way to their bad ass survival story.

I'm fighting alongside future cancer survivors; I'm fighting alongside premature children who are just starting this crazy ride called life; I'm fighting alongside people much too young to be dealing with such heavy issues. 

 I'm fighting alongside, I'm fighting for.

I feel like I should have more to say - any decent blog writer can fill a page with thoughts, musings, ponderings, etc., right?  

I apologize for the lack of length we've got going here today, but my YouTube playlist is pumping out Cascada and Pink like its life depends on it and I'm not going to let them play to a room without motion!  T25 Beta Day 3, here I come!

If you couldn't already tell, I'm in a praying, fighting and overcoming type of mood.  Feel free to share what you're dealing with - I'd love to help you fight!  

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