Focus T25 Women's Progress Week 4

Today marks the very first day of Focus T25's Alpha Week 5 for me - I've just finished week 4 and I'm beyond excited to get started on week five!  I will be one hundred percent honest, though.  The workout I should be doing this evening will be done tomorrow as a double day.  I (not so gracefully) smacked myself in the face with the very heavy bottom of a chair I was attempting to put together at work today.  My upper nose and head are still throbbing from this accident so I just can't make it through the workout tonight.  But that doesn't change the fact that I have now finished four weeks of T25!

I absolutely love this program.  When I first started working out last year it was with Shaun T's program Insanity - the decision to complete that program completely changed my life.  I felt strong, successful, proud and FIT - I can honestly say I have never felt like a stronger version of myself!  Since that time, Focus T25 is the next best program I have found for my life.  I don't know if it's a soft spot I have for Shaun T or if it's just that my body reacts well to his type of training, but I am in love!

While the scale hasn't changed by a great deal yet, I am still very happy with my results!  I can tell that I look different than I did; the muscle is slowly overtaking the fat in my body and I am very happy with that!  Earlier in the week I was able to fully complete the Ab Pyramid and this had me grinning from ear to ear!  I love that the program gives you a ton of room to improve - you can start at a very basic level and work your way up on each and every exercise.  That type of progression is, in my opinion, the greatest way to workout because there are always places where you'll improve but also there is always room for improvement!

I have just one more week in T25 Alpha round and then I'll be on Beta!  I've heard that this is the round where people really start to see results on the scale and measuring tape and I'm excited to see if this is true for me as well!  

My goals for the next week are two-fold:

1) Drink 100 ounces of water EVERY DAY!
2) Stick to a clean eating meal plan 100% - no more cheats!

I am seriously ready to rock this week and can't wait to start Beta!

I've been thinking about starting up a Shaun T challenge group - something specifically for people who would like to try out a Shaun T workout program!  These would be Insanity, Focus T25, Hip Hop Abs or even Rockin Body!  Would anyone be interested in this?  Comment below or email me at ashleykrek@gmail.com and we can chat!

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