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Focus T25 Beta Week One

I am happy to announce that today marks the beginning of week two for me of Focus T25's Beta cycle!  This, of course, means that I have completed week one.  Going into Beta cycle I was a bit nervous because I had still been struggling a bit with Alpha cycle (using the modifier, having difficulties with some of the moves, etc.) but after speaking with some other people who have completed the program I decided to jump into Beta cycle at the end of Alpha!

Focus T25 Beta Round Week One

I am so completely glad that I made the leap!  I enjoyed Alpha round a lot; I could feel myself getting stronger and I loved that I finally could see some arm muscles showing.  

As much as I enjoyed Alpha round, I am enjoying Beta round even more!  The workouts seem to be more geared towards specific body parts.  At the end of some I can feel my core; at others my legs are burning and after others my arms are sore.  I can tell that Alpha made me strong enough to handle Beta and so feeling my muscles after each of these workouts is an awesome feeling.

Whereas Alpha seemed more cardio-based, Beta seems to be more strength and toning based (though it's still a Shaun T program so you know the cardio is still awesome!)

This is the workout schedule for the first week - 

T25 Beta Round Week One Schedule

Of all the workouts I would say Rip't Circuit is my absolute favorite - it reminds me of Pure Cardio from Insanity which was my favorite in that program as well!  You do each move for a full minute, then at the end he puts them all together - it's a lot of fun and it really gets the time moving quickly!  I see that it will be appearing on the workout calendar a lot over the next 4 weeks so I'm glad for that :) 

If I had to choose a least favorite at this point it would probably be Dynamic Core - but I think that this will change over the next couple weeks as I get stronger.  This workout was the most difficult for me so far but I'm excited to focus on it and really nail the moves!

Focus T25 Beta Round Women's Progress

This is me after I got done with Friday's Double Day - I was a sweaty mess but I felt like a darn super hero!  The Shuffle + Burpees was absolutely insane but as I was doing it I felt incredible!!  A year ago I was just getting started on this journey and I would NOT have been able to do them in the same was as I can now.  It may not be a victory on the scale but it IS a victory nonetheless!

One week of Beta down, four weeks to go!

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