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Women's Focus T25 Progress and meal plan - Week 1

Happy happy Friday everyone!!!  I have a weekend of relaxing, laundry and Focus T25 ahead of me - I'm pretty excited for it, not gonna lie!!!

I am posting today to document my first week with Focus T25.  I'll be honest - this is the second time I have started this program.  I got very behind over Christmastime because of an illness that swept through the whole family, so rather than try and make up a bunch of days I thought I would start over - and this time document the journey!  

T25 Women's Progress

I am a huge fan of Shaun T - his Insanity program helped me lose my first 50 pounds and I have absolutely no doubt that T25 will help me get to my goal weight!  So what exactly have I done this week?  Here is the first week's workout schedule:

Monday: Cardio - Sweat city! 
Tuesday: Speed 1.0
Wednesday: Total Body Circuit
Thursday: Ab Intervals - I could feel my abs the next day but I loved it!  I really think that feeling them helps me stand taller - and makes me feel much more confident!
Friday: Double Day!!  Lower Focus & Cardio - boy oh boy were my legs SORE after this workout!!  I was sweating more than I ever have before but I can seriously already tell that my legs are stronger!

Along with starting over with Focus T25, I also made a meal plan and made sure to stick to it.  The holidays are always the most difficult time of the year to stick to a meal plan so it was nice to start the year off with a healthy and clean meal plan!  

Focus T25 meal plan

I of course always start my day with Shakeology and at each meal throughout the day I make sure to include both complex carbs and protein - I want to get my metabolism revved and keep it going throughout the day!  This is the best way I have found to stay full, satisfied and feel healthy all while losing weight!  I am so glad I found Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet Recharged - it has really made all the difference in the world for how I look at food!

Here is my meal plan for week one:

T25 meal plan

Feel free to check out the Eat Clean Recipes tab for the recipes you see!  The same things tend to pop up over and over again on my meal plans, because honestly - I love them!  Along with loving how they taste, I also love that they are all easy, quick and cheap!  (Although I like cooking, I don't enjoy making a huge meal every night - I like to save that for the weekends!)

When I started Focus T25 I was at 199.2 pounds - after a week I was only down to 198.6 BUT I am not worried about it!  I can honestly tell that I'm much stronger than I was and my clothes are already starting to fit more loosely than they were.  It may not be a huge number on the scale, but it is going in the right direction and I feel incredible!  

If you are looking to get started (or continue on) a personal health journey and don't currently have a Beachbody coach, please contact me to get into an online support group for motivation, accountability, meal planning help and friendship!!

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