Woman's Focus T25 Week Two Progress

Well, folks, I made it through week two!!!  This week was, in a lot of ways, a lot more FUN than the first week and I was enjoying each workout as I did it!!

The first week introduced me to the various workouts and I got used to what the different moves are - 'upcenterbackcenter' played on repeat in my mind every day that move came up!  You'll know exactly what I mean if you try it!  

Focus T25

When you get T25 it comes with a calendar that has the first day marked as Monday - I actually prefer to have Wednesday as my guaranteed rest day for the week because of my schedule, so I started T25 on a Thursday!  

Thursday (Day 8): Cardio
Friday (Day 9): Total Body Circuit
Saturday (Day 10): Speed 1.0
Sunday: (Day 11): Cardio
Monday (Double Day - 12): Lower Focus & Ab Intervals

This week I really felt like I knew the moves I was doing so I was able to push a lot harder in each workout - my squats were deeper and more sure-footed, I could actually do the lunges Shaun T asked me to do (those have always been my biggest struggle, and while I still have room to improve they are definitely better!) and I could FEEL my abs as I was going through the workouts!

Focus T25 Progress

Whereas last week I went down just about a half a pound, this week I went down 2 pounds!  I had been stuck at a plateau for longer than I'd like to admit, but I can officially say I have MADE IT THROUGH it!!!  On Thursday morning when I stepped on the scale I was at 196.4 - this is the absolute lowest I can remember being in YEARS!

It is definitely the lowest weight and healthiest my husband Jake has ever seen me and it makes me proud to know that not only am I improving my own life and health, I am also beginning to form a healthier household for both of us!  When the day comes and we are blessed with children I feel much more confident about raising them to be health-conscious than I ever would have before, and that definitely makes me happy!

This week I finally was able to fit into a dress that has been sitting in the closet since this summer - I shared that story a couple days ago in this post and it still makes me smile just to think about hearing that zipper close for the first time!

T25 Women's Results

My stats as of the second week:

Weight: -2.2 pounds (-2.8 total)
Chest: -0.5 inches (even total)
Waist: -0.5 inches (-1.5 total)
Thighs: Same (-0.25 total)
Arms: -0.5 (-0.5 total)

The fact that it is only 2 weeks into this program and I have already seen these results makes me ecstatic!  I know that over the next few weeks these numbers are going to continue to slide down and I cannot wait to see where I am in three weeks at the end of the T25 Alpha round - then it'll be on to Beta!

The other day Jake and I were talking about our wedding pictures and we looked at a couple - I still love the pictures but I can tell a drastic difference between them!  I think when I hit my goal we might be getting some new pictures taken :)

T25 Women's Progress

How have you been doing on your goals?  Did you set a New Years health & fitness resolution?  Have you stuck to it?  If you're interested in trying out T25 and/or a Challenge Group with me, please let me know!  I'd love to chat with you about how I can help you hit your goals and see your numbers slide down as well!

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