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Earlier today I shared some exciting news on Facebook – and here I am to share it again and explain it a bit more!!  Over the last year I have taken part in two Team Beachbody Cup challenges and today I am officially registered for my third and I cannot wait for it to kick off!

I have joined up with four other ladies and our team is “Slim N Trim” – we’re going to spend the month of February really focused in on our goal of helping people hit their health & fitness goals so we can help End the Trend of Obesity!  I couldn’t be more excited to spend the next month working with these ladies and joining in what is seriously the definition of a healthy competition!!!

Every couple of months Beachbody hosts a Cup Challenge and it is always such a fun experience!  For the last cup I was honored to be on a team with the number two coach in ALL of Beachbody (and with over 140,000 coaches that is a REALLY big accomplishment!  
The time before that my team placed 24th!!!

  That was my very first Cup Challenge and I learned SO much through it!  Similar to the other Cup, where we were given a volleyball and a whole set of winter wear, we were also given a bunch of awesome goodies!  We got a workout bag, Team Beachbody sweatshirt and a FocusT25 t-shirt – I love wearing that shirt because I seriously LOVE T25!!!

It’s not all about the prizes, though, of course!  It is about taking one month to get to know other coaches, focus in on the business and really help people learn to love health and fitness!  It’s not about trying to win the competition and gobble up prizes; it’s about paying it forward and helping people change their lives – both from the inside out AND the outside in! 
Do YOU want to be a part of an organization that prides itself on helping people change their lives?  Do you want to prove to those around you that not only can you be your healthiest self you can also pay it forward?  Do you enjoy competition, motivation, health and fitness?  If so, let me know!  I would love to talk to you about he opportunity to be a part of the team!
I can’t wait to get started and see how the month treats us! 
Wish me luck J

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