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New Years Commercials

Any one else get the day off today? I do and I am happy happy happy about it! Doing laundry, paying bills and cleaning the house is the perfect way to spend a day off, right? haha yeah maybe not!

Anywho, while doing all these things I've had the tv on in the background and turned to the Rehab Addict marathon going on (what can I say - I'm obsessed!) 

Rehab Addict

During the commercial breaks I've noticed a pretty interesting onslaught of commercials - healthy ones! Commercials about shopping for workout clothes, 'healthy' snacks, joining the store's challenges and losing weight in the new year - and I found this all very interesting. I love what they're saying, but I'm kind of confused.

But why should I be? I post about these things every day!! I'm confused because just last week these same stores were not advertising about losing weight, eating healthy or workout clothes - they were advertising about cookies, alcohol, desserts and treating yourself to whatever you wanted because it was the holidays! 

Seems like they're pretty eager to switch their tune to a healthy living lifestyle now that New Year's Resolutions are out in full force! But still, I don't disagree with what they're promoting - workout clothes, healthy foods and losing weight aren't bad things to work for - I'm doing the same thing! I just don't think I'd want to share my journey with a store that last week was trying to sell me holiday Oreos, ya know?

Holiday Oreo

Luckily last year at this time I found Team Beachbody and the Beachbody Challenge - I've since lost 53 pounds and have re-claimed my life as my own!! I have spent months helping other people hit their goals and I'm still going! Starting January 6th I'm opening a new Challenge Group for people who are ready to hit their goals for once and for all - people who are sick of waiting until tomorrow and people who want to learn what it means to be healthy, proud, confident and strong!

Email me at to chat about it, or learn more and apply at  !!!

I can't wait to ring in the healthy new year with you!

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