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Little Black Dress

Yesterday when I filled you in on my how my 21st week without alcohol went, I also hinted at some news I had to share today – so here I am sharing!
If you’ve been around my Facebook at all, you’ll probably know that I LOVE Fridays and I am generally NOT a fan of Mondays (like the majority of working adults, I suppose!)  Mondays aren’t my least favorite thing out there, but they’re probably in the top ten.  Behind mustard, pickles and birds to name just a couple. 
Scary Birds

BUT (big but there) I LOVED yesterday!  I started the morning off in a great mood and I kept it up throughout the day because I was so darn happy, proud, excited and just pumped!  I told my own Beachbody coach and mentor about what happened and I described it as being ‘on cloud nine with the Care Bears’ – yeah, clearly I was excited!
So I’m sure by now you probably are curious about what happened, right?  Well here’s the news!  This dress is the big news:
Little Black Dress

The fact that THIS dress can now fit on MY body and zip all the way to the top!!!
This past summer my mom and I went shopping (which I hate) for a little black dress I could wear for my friends’ wedding.  She asked all her bridesmaids to go and pick a little black dress and that would be our attire!  Sounds easy enough, right?  Well several hours and countless stores after starting the search, my mom and I hadn’t found a single dress that I liked – not one. 
Well then we found Tia Jeanius in Albertville – this is an outlet mall outside of the Twin Cities – and it was perfect!!!  We not only found one dress I liked – we found several!  They were black, fit well and were appropriate for an outdoor wedding like the one I would be in – I was pumped!  
But there was another dress – my mom calls it the “I Love Lucy Dress”.  It was black with a floral print, a big bow and I. Loved. It.  I brought it back to the dressing room because I just had to try it on – and as I pulled it on over my head and started looking at it in the mirror I loved it even more!!
Little Black Dress

This was a dress I simply HAD to have – no ifs, ands or buts about it.  But… (those darn buts just but in everywhere!!) the dress didn’t fit.  There was going to be no sucking in the gut and holding my breath.  It was simply too small – the zipper wouldn’t budge past an inch – and with probably a 16 inch zipper that left a LOT of zipper unzipped.  There was no way I could fake it or make it work – it was just too small. 
So I put it back.  Then I picked it up again.  I talked to my mom about if it would be dumb to buy it (remember, I hate shopping.  I had transformed into a bit of a grouch when I couldn’t find anything I liked – I’m sure my mom wasn’t too keen on having me get into another bad mood so she told me to go for it.) 
So long story not-quite-so-long, I bought the dress that didn’t fit me by any stretch of my imagination along with a couple others that fit me well.  Every month or so since I made the purchase I have pulled the dress off its hanger to see if I could fit it yet – but even after continuing to lose weight I wasn’t able to get it to zip. 
That is … until yesterday!  I got an early start on the day and I could feel that FocusT25 has started to change my body, so I figured I could try again to see how close I was getting – and it zipped!!!  The dress that I HAD to have even though it didn’t fit me AT ALL finally fits!!! It's not exactly go-out-in-public fitting yet, but give me another couple weeks and I will be rocking this dress EVERYWHERE!!!

This is my EXCITED face!!!

I have had so much fun seeing my body change as I learned to incorporate exercise, clean eating, Shakeology and cut out alcohol – I’ve been proud, happy and excited with my progress.  But yesterday I was over the moon because I fit into a dress that I loved that had been impossible even just last month – I made a change, stuck to it and here I am – in a dress I love with a body I am proud of!!
Of course I had to share my success story with my mom, dad, family and coach – and being congratulated all day really kept my good mood intact throughout the day!! I’m not complaining – it’s nice for all of us to hear good things every once in a while J  I soaked it all in and enjoyed the day!
And this morning, just for fun, I tried the dress on again – and it still fits J  So I know it wasn’t just a dream! Well, it was a dream and it is a dream – it’s a dream turned reality. 
And aren’t those the best?
Do you have clothes in the back of your closet that you've wanted to fit into that just haven't worked yet?  Are you ready to make them fit?!  If so - I'd love to help!!  Email me at and we can workout a plan to get YOU into YOUR little black dress :) 

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You are a great writer Ashley and really have passion for what you do and raising awareness to encourage others.