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Focus T25 Week 3.1 Women's Progress

Here I am, three weeks into T25, and I’m going to be absolutely, completely honest with you: it didn’t go well. The first half of the week was great – I got my workouts in and loved them, I ate clean and I had a shake every day for breakfast! 
T25 Women's Progress

And then… the rest of the week happened.  And in terms of working out, it was not pretty.  I have no justifiable excuse – I simply didn’t get them in.  I was busy but the biggest hurdle was that I was visited by that monthly fairy that brings gifts of cramps and nausea.  For whatever reason, this week was worse than most and it was simply too much to try and get the last couple workouts in.  I still had a shake every day and I ate well, but without all three working together it wasn’t my greatest week.
So what does that mean? 
It means that the weight I lost last week has found its way back and so I will have to re-lose that in order to hit my goal.
 It means that I will be restarting week 3 today. 
It means that my measurements haven’t gone down like I would have liked. 
It means that I’m not perfect – and that is perfectly fine by me. 

What doesn’t that mean?

It doesn’t mean that I’m a failure.
It doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up, throw in the towel and overreact.
It doesn’t mean that my goal is impossible.

Focus T25 Week Three Women's Progress

When I started on this journey, a setback like this would have seemed like a tragedy.  It would have been difficult for me to deal with the scale going in the opposite direction and I probably would have spent a day or two beating myself up (while continuing to skip workouts and eat ice cream with the thought ‘what difference does it make?’ circling in my head).  I would have grabbed sweatpants, a blanket and the Netflix remote and called it a productive evening.

That’s how I would have reacted at the start of this journey.

Today this is my reaction: I’m going to put my workout pants on and get over it.  A setback is only truly a setback if you let it derail your progress.  I may have had a couple bad days but those are just paving the way for better days.  Today I am re-starting Week 3 of Focus T25 and I intend to rock it.  So instead of the sweatpants, blanket and Netflix remote I will arm myself with a water bottle, a meal plan and a workout – the hiccup in the journey is not going to stop me!

Check back with me next week for my REAL Week 3 Results!

If you are ready to create your own results, reach out and let me know!  Monday marks the beginning of my next challenge group!  I still have a couple spots open for people who are ready to commit to their journey – the good, bad and the ugly.  I will be with you every step of the way – we will discuss clean eating, staying strong, avoiding temptation and getting back on track in the case of a bad day!  It’s easy to say you want to change, but the first step is always the hardest.  Letting me know you’re ready is the first step – I’m asking you to take it! I’ll be with you the rest of the way J  Feel free to comment below or email me directly

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