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Coming Monday!

The clock is ticking down until the kick off to my next group - and it is also ticking down until these two PHENOMENAL challenge packs are no longer at a reduced price!!!  For this month only they have put a deal on both P90x3 AND FocusT25 (the one that I am doing right now and loving!!!)

Beachbody deals

On Monday I am starting a new group focused on helping you to get the best results possible in - and this is the best part - the least amount of time possible!!  I have reformatted my groups so it is a brand spankin' new program and I cannot wait to unroll it!

And along with that, the TWO challenge packs Beachbody has this month are all about SAVING you time while SHAVING off pounds and inches!  Between 30 minute or less workouts and one meal a day you can make in minutes, time NO LONGER has to be a hurdle!

If you feel pressed for time but ALSO pressed to finally start working out, losing weight, changing your shape and eating better - this is the time!  Take advantage of the deals Beachbody has going and commit to your health!  Your future self will thank you! 

P90x3 is from the creator of P90x - but it is NOT a graduate program designed for those who have already done P90x!!!  If you haven't done P90x don't be scared away by the 3 at the end of the name - this could still be the perfect program!  It shrinks the workouts to 30 minutes but doesn't skimp on the results - it can absolutely help you reach your goals while blowing your mind at how incredible you can look AND feel!

FocusT25 is by my absolute favorite trainer of all time - Shaun T!  I will admit to be biased because his Insanity program is what I started with and what showed  me that I am strong, capable and in control of my own health & fitness destiny!  T25 is 25 minutes a day of working out and it helps you drop pounds while also getting strong!  I have NEVER been better at doing lunges or burpees - I thought they were just something I couldn't do - but now I know I can!  And there is a modifier there so if anything is too difficult we still have options!

Shakeology is my favorite, healthiest and easiest meal of every day!  It gives me natural energy but also helps me sleep at night - it's the best of both worlds!  My health & fitness journey really took off after I started drinking Shakeology - I am SO glad I took the leap and gave it a try!

My next challenge group starts on MONDAY and I have just a few spots left!  You can choose one of these programs or a different one - I will walk you through the process and we will find the perfect program for you to start with!  I spent a lot of years ashamed, afraid and unhappy with how I looked - I want to help you move past any of these feelings you might have now too!  Life is not meant to be lived like that - it is meant to be celebrated!!  It's time to celebrate YOUR life - comment below with your contact information or email me directly at and we can chat about how this group could help you reach your goals!

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The Pink Growl said...

So are you offering discounts on any of these products? I'm dying to try T-25 but I know it's expensive.