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Clean Eating Meal Plan Jan 6 - 12

Happy Sunday evening, everyone!  According to my computer it is currently negative ten outside but it's going to continue dropping overnight - I am not looking forward to seeing how cold it will be in the morning!  This would be a perfect time to have a hot tub (hint hint, Jake, hint hint!!  haha.)

Today Jake and I saw American Hustle and went to lunch - both were good and it was really nice to have a day date!  Tonight I have finalized my meal plan for the upcoming week and I am getting excited to kick off my next challenge group with a group of incredible people who are ready to really focus on their health and fitness this year - it's going to be so much fun to see them hit their goals and to be able to celebrate their successes!!!

One of the most important parts of any successful health & fitness journey is a meal plan.  By planning out our meals and knowing what we'll eat ahead of time, we save ourselves the headache of trying to figure out a last-minute healthy meal and we are prepared so we don't reach for the candy jar at work because we're hungry!  I've been following a clean eating diet and I'm loving it!

Here is my meal plan for the upcoming week - I try to focus on fresh, simple meals that I can have for dinner and also lunch the next day!  I make things that both Jake and I will enjoy and that won't cost me a ton of money at the grocery store (because even though I want to eat healthy, I don't have an endless bank account!!)

Clean Eating Meal Plan

In each challenge group we focus on crafting a meal plan with each participant that they will not only love, but they can stick to and that will help them reach their goals!  It's so much fun to see what everyone makes and I'm excited to get working on them with this group.

Alongside a healthy diet, fitness is also important to hitting our health and fitness goals!  I am in the beginning phases of Focus T25 and I absolutely love it - Shaun T and Insanity gave me incredible results and helped me hit 50 pounds lost; I know that Focus T25 will be able to slash the next 20 and get me to my goal weight of 180!

Do you have any of your own goals for weight loss, or just health & fitness in general?  Are you interested in getting extra support and help as you strive for your goals?  This challenge group is still accepting applications for the next couple of days - you still have time to be a part of it!

If you're interested, head over to the application page to read more and to apply for your spot :)

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