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Clean Eating Grocery Shopping Staples

Good morning friends!  Today I am writing this before I'm normally even out of bed and I've already worked out, showered, made my morning Shakeology and checked out what is new on Instagram!  I feel very accomplished (I hope this lasts for the rest of the day!) 

Early Morning Workout

Oh - as for the second picture above, it's because I'm very happy to be able to be wearing my comfy pants instead of work pants this morning :)  All this extra time might as well be spent in comfort, right?

As I was showering I starting making a mental list of what I'm going to need to get from the grocery store, and that make me realize - my groceries have become much cheaper, much healthier and much cleaner in the last year.  People always seem to think that it is more expensive to eat healthy, but that's just not the case!  

Clean Eating Grocery shoppping

I hardly ever buy boxed, bagged or pre-packaged food anymore.  With having a shake a day and making up a meal plan for the rest of the day, I'm able to eat clean, yummy food each day without breaking the bank!  And grocery shopping has become much easier, too - I tend to get a lot of the same stuff!

I'm always looking for new recipes and things to try, so of course I'll add those ingredients in as I need them, but the basics stay the same from week to week.  And because I know that I'm interested in what other clean eaters buy, I thought I'd share my list of staples with you!

Clean Eating Food

If I'm out of any of these things at home then they will definitely be on my shopping list - and most of them have a permanent spot on the list because we go through them quickly!  Mixing these together can give you tons of easy, quick, clean meals and snacks - I enjoy cooking but I like it to be easy, quick and cheap!  Always having these foods at home makes it so much easier to figure out what we're having for dinner!  

For more information on clean eating, check out my clean eating tab above!

Do you have staples you get every time you're at the store?

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Heather Marie said...

Wow props for already getting your work out in! I am beyond impressed! I hardly buy processed food anymore too, it's so had for you! And also, real food tastes so much better!!