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5 Months Without Alcohol

Before I sat down to write this post, I took a peek at the Weather app on my iPhone and was not too pleased with what I saw (the iPhone is a little trickster with its Sunny + 73 icon for the weather app – I wish that were the weather today!!!)  Instead, it’s currently negative 13 here in the sunny state of Minnesota with a wind that is making it feel much, much colder. 
All day today I have been replaying a scene from one of my all-time favorite movies: Under the Tuscan Sun.  In this scene the leading lady Frances is sitting on a ledge in Italy, writing a postcard to a stranger’s mother (it even smells purple) and eating a bag of grapes.  I can’t seem to shake the image and I think it’s my subconscious’ way of telling me that it is time to travel – now.  I have no trips in the immediate future, but I may just have to change that J  Who’d like to join me??
Under the Tuscan Sun

In some ways, though, I’m strangely okay with the fact that I didn’t have any European adventures planned for this year, because then I would’ve had to struggle with the question of wine: should I stick to my year without alcohol while abroad, or do I tell myself ‘different country, different rules’ and let myself indulge in the local specialties (trust me, I wouldn’t be ordering a Bud Light in any country I might visit!)  But, like I said, no trips are planned so that is something I can ponder another day. 
Today I’m celebrating FIVE months without a drink!!!  I honestly don’t know if I expected to make it this far when I first set out to go a year.  Yes, I had the goal of a year but how many times have we each set a goal and failed to reach it? Not only does this mean I’ve made it 20 whole weeks, this week is special in that it caps off the holiday season!!
Give Up Alcohol

I made it through every holiday dinner, party & get-together without dropping my guard and giving in to a big of spiked egg nog – and I couldn’t be more proud!  New Year’s Eve came and went and I welcomed 2014 without a drink in sight – and it didn’t bother me in the slightest!
On December 31st I went to a work happy hour and refrained from getting a cocktail and then I spent New Year’s Eve night with a couple great friends and enjoyed a home-made dinner with water to drink.  I’ll admit that I didn’t stay up until midnight – but I’m pretty sure I made it to 11:30 (that basically counts, right?? Heck, it was 2014 somewhere!!)
Happy New Year 2014

Although it wasn’t the most exhilarating New Year’s Eve I’ve ever spent, I had a lot of fun and I woke up in 2014 without any traces of a headache or hangover – and that is DEFINITELY a good thing!!
I don’t anticipate the next week will be any more difficult than any other week has been; I’ll be just trying to hunker down at home and stay warm!  I’m about a week into Focus T25 and let me tell you – it’s awesome to be able to get an incredible workout in without braving the arctic temperatures of a Minnesota January!!  (My brother pointed out a fun fact this morning: It was colder here than it was on Mars at the same time – yep, that’s depressing.)
I have some very exciting things to share over the next week – be sure to check back!  And stay warm!!

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Whitney Ellen said...

Well now it all makes sense as to why I drank a little extra this holiday season... it was all FOR YOU, duhhhh! I even took the headaches for you. You're welcome!