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23 Weeks In, 29 To Go

Here I sit 23 weeks into my year without alcohol and I feel great!  I just got done with Focus T25's Cardio 1.0 workout and even though I'm still dripping in sweat I feel incredible!!!  I have had Insanity on the top of my list of favorite workout programs for a long time now but Focus T25 is inching its way up there!  I guess I'll wait to compare the results and then decide :) 

Give Up Alcohol

This week, like most, was simple without alcohol.  I had some things happen which stressed me out beyond belief, but I have found that working out is a much better stress relief - and I don't end up with a headache in the morning!  So that is what I've been focusing on and I'm proud of it!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about why I used to drink and why I sometimes still want to pick up a beer or make up a vodka 7 and I've realized something - it almost never has to do with the alcohol!  I don't really crave the taste or the feeling of being tipsy; I want the experience that goes along with it.

Like a lot of us, I spent many nights in college and after with a group of friends and a counter of drinks to choose from.  We danced, we sang, we had bonfires, we played games or we just hung out.  It was simple, fun and easy to plan.  We all lived close by and we were looking for things to do on a Friday, Saturday, heck even a Tuesday night!

Now I have moved hours (even states in some cases) away from the people who filled my nights and who I share all those memories with.  We have jobs, spouses, children and responsibilities that stretch further than reporting for our jobs on steady feet.

I had a lot of fun times with alcohol but I don't know that I have much of a desire to start drinking again, even after this year is over.  I have realized that I can have just as much fun today with a sprite (hold the vodka) as I can with a drink.  I'm wondering if the crazy fun nights I had in the past are better left there.  

This isn't to say that I'll never have another drink again - I believe that I will.  But I also believe that the situation will be much different than it once was.  (Also, I have learned that I can be just as big of a dork with or without a drink in hand - and I tend to remember the craziness a bit better without the alcohol haha!)

What do you think?  Did you have an era of alcohol?  Has it continued into the present, or are you mulling over the same questions as I am?

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