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Ringing in 2014!

A week from today it's Christmas Day - can anyone believe it?!?  I know I certainly cannot!!!  This is my second Christmas as a married lady and I'm very excited to get to spend it with my husband and the rest of my family!  This season we all have a chance to take a step back from the daily grind and really appreciate all we have been blessed with.  I definitely think it's something we should all do a bit more of throughout the year, too!

Healthy Holiday

Exactly a week after Christmas Day do you know what it is?!  2014!!!  I can still remember ringing in good-ole' 2000 and being afraid Y2K would blow up our computers (I'm glad we got past that one!)  The new year is always a time when people set goals and think about what they accomplish in the upcoming year.  I am determined that 2014 will see me at my goal weight with a celebratory shopping trip and salon day to go along with it!  

The most important thing in any healthy-living journey is to just stay tuned in.  The holidays are a time when it is so easy to let our guard down and start making bad habits that will make our new years resolutions that much harder!  But this year can be different!

Healthy New Year

I had a really exciting idea and I can't wait to share it with you!  Starting the day after Christmas I will be running a Shakeology cleanse group to say goodbye to 2013 in style!  

This is perfect for anyone who wants to try Shakeology but isn't really sure if they'll like it - for anyone who is interested in learning more about clean eating but isn't sure they're ready to commit to a full challenge group - for anyone who wants to go into 2014 with a healthy frame of mind and a week of good healthy habits to back it up! - for anyone who is with me in being determined that THIS year our goal weights will be our reality!!

Shakeology Cleanse

I have a feeling that a lot of people will fit in perfectly to this group!  I have the Shakeology sample packets ready to ship - all I need is your commitment!  Plus as an extra-special bonus - anyone who joins up for this group and decides they'd like to try a full challenge group will get a special gift from me to help you start your 2014 - forever healthy lifestyle journey!

So what exactly will this group be about?

We will try Shakeology, talk about how to make it and how to find your perfect mixes for any type of craving or sweet tooth you might have on any given day.  We'll discuss meal planning, clean eating and the importance of water and exercise when it comes to wanting to get healthy!  I will teach you as many of my tricks as I can in the time that is left in 2013!!  

I cannot wait to ring in the new year with health, style, joy and Shakeology - and you, of course!  I'm ready to ship out your Shakeology samples - comment below with your contact info or email me directly at to secure your spot and to get your Shakeolgy on its way!

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