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New Year, New You Health & Fitness Group Open Now!

December 27th already!!!!  Whew-ee that’s crazy!  
New Year New You

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you’re ready for 2014 (cause it’ll be here before we know it whether we’re ready or not!!!  Jake and I had a couple days that were jam-packed with family and friends and we had a great time!  There were a couple years where kids were in short supply, so the holidays were a bit less festive and exciting – but recently lots of kids have been born so we had a LOT of craziness surrounding us this year – and we loved it!
Now, though, Christmas is over and it’s time to look forward to 2014 (maybe it will be the year I get all my shopping done before December 20th?? Maybe!?  Wish me luck!!!)  2013 brought me Beachbody, a 50-pound weight loss, diamond coach status and a long list of new friends – I have a feeling that 2014 will be just as blessed and exciting!  And it starts now!
2014 Health

I am SO beyond thrilled to announce my newest challenge group – the New Year, New You 60-day health & fitness group that is kicking off on January 6th!!  This is the perfect opportunity to kick your New Years Resolutions into high gear (and not give up on them by the end of January!)
The group will run for 60 days and we will delve into a wide range of topics – staying motivated, eating clean, resisting temptation, making meal plans, incorporating Shakeology into your everyday life, making (and keeping) working out a priority, goal setting (and reaching!) and a ton of other things. 

January often starts a vicious cycle for healthy living - people jump into the month and year with high expectations, high goals and do awesome for a couple days or even a couple weeks!  And then life gets busy, the results don't happen as quickly as they'd like and they decide to take a day off - that day turns into two, then three, and then those New Years Resolutions become a distant memory and a goal that they'll get to "sometime".  But THIS year can be the year to CHANGE that!

This group will combine the best of health, nutrition and support to make sure that not only do you start 2014 strong, you stay committed to your goals and your health!  I have not only changed my own health, I have spent 2013 helping others live healthier lives, lose weight and gain confidence - I have created a system that WORKS but is fun at the same time! 
How does it work??
It is a 60 day group I will be running on Facebook – each of us will be committed to a workout program, drinking Shakeology and really taking charge of our health & fitness.  Every morning I will be sharing a tip, recipe, mini-assignment or motivation with you, and each day you will be sharing your successes, mood and setbacks with me!  These groups truly become a place of support, encouragement, positivity and success!  I think a lot of us have gone through those times when we say “I’m going to lose weight – I have to lose weight” and then find ourselves two months later at the same weight (or maybe even higher!)  This group will help you KICK that cycle for once and for all!  I’m in it with you 100% - you just have to commit!!

The last piece of this puzzle is Shakeology - this is not a weight-loss shake and it's not a protein shake - it's a shake that fully replaces one meal a day and supercharges your system with health!  Beachbody has committed themselves to making the healthiest, purest, most beneficial shake out there and they have succeeded!  Before I tried Shakeology I was very hesitant.  I didn't like the idea of shakes and I thought I wouldn't like it - I changed my tune very quickly though!  I sleep better, feel better, and stay more energized throughout the day.  I don't have the sweets cravings that I once did and I find it so much easier to stay on track with my meal plan once I've had my shake for the day.  It is worth every single penny I have spent and I would honestly shout it from the rooftops if I could (but it's cold in Minnesota now so I'm going to skip that part, k?  k!)

I can explain it - but Carl Daikeler can explain it much better!  Check out this video for more info!

Where does the support come in?

This challenge group is seriously crafted around giving you the best support out there.  You will have access to me, as your coach, 24/7 through our online accountability group.  We will spend time in the beginning of the group setting goals, discussing expectations, stumbling blocks and clean eating!  Everyone will start working out on the same day and we will check in to the group daily to not only stay accountable but to also get my support and guidance. Every day I will be posting a tip, recipe, motivation, information or ideas from me - we will talk about creating a meal plan, dealing with temptation, eating out, staying motivated, clean eating and finding time to fit that work out in!

This system was created to give you an entire lifestyle transformation - physical, mental and emotional!  I will provide the environment and the postings - you just have to commit to the program and finish it!  You are responsible to check in each day to rate your day and post how you did!
Are you ready to start 2014 with a healthy lifestyle bang?? Are you ready to truly change your life, health and reflection?  Are you interested in doing this in a healthy way - no crash diet here!  If so, fill out the application below to be considered for my New Year, New You challenge group starting January 6th!

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