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I feel happy!

Today is Tuesday, December 17th and I have had a complete array of emotions going on:

Today I have been TIRED - I was not ready to wake up this morning!

I was EXCITED when it was time to exchange Secret Santa gifts at work. 

I felt BLESSED to be a part of an incredible group of people who work with me at the bank.

I was HAPPY to have had my secret santa surprise ruined because her daughter decided we were friends and she could tell me her mom's secret - I might have known who pulled my name and missed out on the surprise, but a little kid deciding you can be friends is a pretty cute thing :) 

I was SORE because I've been sitting in the wrong chair at work and my back once again decided to give out.

I felt all these things today - but what do I feel right now??

PROUD!!! I am bouncing off the walls, shouting it from the rooftops and sharing it with everyone!  

30 day weightloss results

Today marks the 30-day mark in my Healthy Holidays Challenge Group and some results have been shared - one of my challengers lost NINE inches!  In just 30 days!  

This challenger started her post in the group by saying that she's lost only 3 pounds on the scale, but then showed us her inches lost and pictures of her body before and today - and LET ME TELL YOU!!! - she may have 'only' lost 3 pounds but she looks incredible!  I have no doubt in my mind that she has gained muscle and lost much more than 3 pounds of fat - the inches and pictures prove that!

I see abs, I see confidence, I see beauty and I see pride - and I feel all those same things for her!  I love challenge groups.  I think they give each person the support, motivation and community we desire when we're trying to lose weight and get healthy!  Whenever I see or hear results like this I am once again reminded just why I take so much pride in running these monthly groups! 

They make EACH of us better and help us hit our goals so much more quickly than we might have otherwise.  

In just a couple weeks I'm starting an exclusive P90x3 challenge group.  I'm excited to start this workout and I am looking for a select group of individuals who want to jump right in with me!  It is 30 minutes a day - quick enough that anyone can fit it in somewhere in the day!  It isn't a graduate P90x program and it isn't made specifically for people who are already at the top level of fitness - it's for all of us!  


If you are ready to commit to yourself and take charge of your health, but would like some extra support & encouragement as you hit your goals, this is perfect for you!  I will be with you every step of the way (doing the exact same workouts, too!) and we will get there TOGETHER!  

This will start after Christmas and before New Years - just in time to make SURE this is the last year we ever have to make New Years resolutions!

Joining up is simple - just email me at to enroll and secure your spot!  And in 30 days I'll be celebrating YOUR success!!!

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