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I'm a firm believer in honesty, and I'm about to get real honest with anyone reading this little blog of mine!


This past couple weeks has been difficult for me.  I feel like this cold has just taken control of my life and I've lost touch with so many things!! My workouts have been non-existent, due to the fact that I could hardly move without coughing up a lung; working out was completely out of the realm of possibility.  I have been consistent with drinking Shakeology and sipping on water throughout the day, but beyond that I haven't been eating enough and haven't been able to cook good meals because I just haven't had the stomach for it.  So my weight has gone back up a couple pounds and I'm feeling a bit defeated.

Feeling Defeated Weight Loss

This has become my mantra of sorts this week.  I am finally on the upswing of health and feeling ready to kick butt in my workouts again.  I'm bummed that I have to re-lose weight I already lost, but I'm determined to not let that too far into my psyche - ups and downs are going to happen and it's how we push through them that defines our success!!  

I imagine if everyone gave up when life got more difficult we would have a lot less successful people to look up to!  I'm in this race for healthy living and it's a marathon - NOT a sprint to a finish line!  Since I lost so many days of Focus T25, I'll be starting over with a new program rather than just pretend like these two weeks didn't happen.  

Weight Loss Start Over

I suppose I could have never written this blog and many of you wouldn't have ever known that I've been struggling for the past couple weeks - but that's not reality!  I think it's important that we all realize that weight loss and healthy living is not something that we wake up one morning with complete control over and comprehension of - it's a day-to-day process of proving to ourselves that we CAN succeed - and eventually one day every step gets easier!

I know that I'm in a much better state physically than I was last year at this time and it's because I've fought for it - and I'm still fighting!  

Keep checking back to the blog so I can share my story with you - I'm done with being sick and I am IN IT to WIN IT!!!!!!


Heather Marie said...

A healthy lifestyle/weight loss is such a journey. I feel ya these past few weeks have been so challenging for he.. My progress seems like nothing, but I have to remember chin up. Hard moments make us stronger!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the pep talk, I needed it!