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4 Months!

Another week down the drain with not a drop of liquor to show for it!  This week is a special week, though, because this week marks 4 months!  I'm officially 1/3 of the way done with my year of no alcohol and I am darn proud of that accomplishment!!

Giving Up Alcohol

Although this week wasn't especially difficult, I did have a couple moments when I thought "I could really go for a drink right now!"  Work has been pretty crazy and I've been super busy everyday, and so after work I think a glass of wine would have been a lovely addition to my nights at home - I even have a couple bottles in the house still!  But I just kept my mind occupied and didn't worry about it too much - so I got through without giving in!

Friday night was Jake's work's holiday party, and the last two years I spent this event with a full-time glass of vodka in my hand.  This time I stuck with water and my head thanked me on Saturday morning!

Saturday saw me at my friend's house making a seemingly never-ending supply of holiday cookies.  No joke folks, we made TONS of them!  About halfway through decorating my third tray of sugar Santa cookies I realized that I really wanted a drink.  Luckily my friend had some leftover sparkling juice and let me get all fancy with that instead of alcohol - so I call that a win-win!!!  

I'll be honest - if I never see another sugar Santa cookie again in my life, I might be okay with that :-)

Holiday Cookie

Note to you: this is not a cookie that I made or decorated - mine were nothing remotely close to this well-decorated or adorable.

I think this next week will be a bit stressful again but I'm just going to focus that much more on my workouts so I don't start craving a drink!

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