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19 Weeks Down!

Another two weeks down - and that makes this officially 19 weeks without alcohol!!
Give Up Alcohol

I apologize for my absence last week – perhaps I should just start doing this re-cap on a bi-monthly basis – I seem to fall into that without trying to J 
The past two weeks have gone by without incident and without alcohol.  I anticipated that the holidays could be difficult, but I’m happy to report that each week that goes by it gets easier to forego the alcohol and drink other things instead.  I am noticing, however, that I have had more Sprites and the like than I used to have.  Instead of ordering a vodka-7, I just order the 7!  I’m thinking for 2014 one of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to limit my soda intake to one soda a week.  There will likely be weeks where I don’t drink any, but for those bar nights and movie nights where it is tempting to drink more than I should, I think this will help me limit what I drink so I make more room for good-ole h2o!
Soda Pop

The other day I had the strangest dream involving alcohol.  I was back in college (a setting where I drank way too much way too often) but I had friends from all eras of my life around me – my sister, college friends and new work friends, too.  We were sitting around just hanging out, and then the beers came out – and I drank one! And then two.  And then the shots were poured and I remember thinking “well, I’ve already screwed up my year – might as well take them.”
College Drinking
Proof of my college lifestyle - way too much cheap vodka!
After taking the shot, though, I remember feeling completely disappointed, mad and hurt by my own actions. Drinking used to be such a prominent feature in my social life that drinking in this dream didn’t seem strange – but once I realized what I had done I couldn’t believe myself!  I was very relieved when I woke up and realized that I hadn’t, in fact, screwed up my year and that I was still going strong.
Maybe it was a good dream to have, though – it showed me how I would feel if I gave up mid-way through – and it was not a good feeling! 
Fight for it

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve which is always a night for drinking – but I’m not doing it! 
In case I don’t post tomorrow, I hope you all have a safe, happy and  fun end of 2013!!!

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