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17 Weeks!

Here I am, 17 weeks into my year without alcohol, and I haven't visited this little blog of mine in a week - I'm a failure, I know.  I'll try better this week - I promise!

Any-who - - - it's been 17 weeks!!!  This has been a crazy 17 weeks going without alcohol but it's been awesome.  I really haven't found it to be very difficult at all - I anticipated that going without would be more difficult to adapt to.  I'm glad to have that not be true though!

This past week was a BUSY week at work - I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off but I got everything done I needed to so I was ready to sit back and celebrate on Friday night!  On Friday my sister headed down to this small town from the big cities (that's how she would say it) to hang out with me, her awesome, funny, talented, beautiful, motivating and loving much younger sister (that's how I would say it).  haha!

Jake had to work that night so I brought Nikki with me to my work holiday party.  It was open bar which normally would have given me the excuse I needed to drink my fill of vodka-7s with Grenadine (or a Slutty Shirley as we call them around here).  I stuck with water and Sprite and called it good - and it was good!  I didn't miss the liquor and both my liver and my head thanked me the next day for sure!

I had a great time hanging out with my work family and it was nice to introduce my sister to them all!

Us three "basement" girls with our fake shots of Jag!

Until next week - cheers!

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