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15 Weeks Down!

I have to start this post by apologizing - it's very sad to realize that my last post on here was over a week ago.  NOT a good blogging move, Ashley, not at all!  That being said, my reason is because I was so sick I pretty much never left the couch.  I thought I was going to break a lung I was coughing so hard, and I even ended up staying home from work two days in a row.   So while it may not be a good excuse, that's my reason I've been MIA!!!

Today officially marks 15 weeks without alcohol for me and I'm pumped!  I can't believe that in just one week I will have gone 4 entire MONTHS without a drop!  (I will admit that the cough medicine I took technically contained alcohol - but I'm not counting that because it clearly was not for recreational use!)

These two weeks have by far been the easiest weeks for me since I started the challenge - I was so sick that liquor was seriously the furthest thing from my mind!!!

I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family but Jake and I ended up leaving pretty soon after dinner was over because I was coughing so much that I just couldn't handle it anymore - so there was no temptation for an after-dinner cocktail either!

I anticipate that the next couple weeks will be easy - but New Years Eve might be a temptation!!! And I promise that I'll be MUCH better about updating this blog here - sorry for my absence but I'll be back again tomorrow with big news about a brand-new Beachbody program that I can't wait to test out with you!

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