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Shakeology Brownies

Shakeology BrownieI'm a fan of chocolate.  No doubt about it, I love it!  Always have been, always will be, there's just no getting around it - call it a guilty pleasure if you like, but I try to not feel too guilty about it :)

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter + chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream - you name it, I love it!

When I started drinking Chocolate Shakeology I thought I was in heaven!  I got my daily chocolate fix and I was having something that was good for me!  Then Beachbody introduced Vanilla Shakeology - and my chocolate world flipped upside down!  I love the chocolate, but I also love the vanilla - which left me a very happy girl because I love having the option every morning, but I've noticed that vanilla just doesn't fight my chocolate cravings!

Shakeology recipe

This past week my craving has been simple - BROWNIES!!!  A simple piece of chocolate was just not going to cut it - I wanted the taste, the texture, the experience of a brownie!  (Yes, I realize I'm being over-dramatic here.  I apologize.  Kind of.)

I just started a brand-new challenge group, though, so I didn't want to give in to this craving because I am seriously striving for some major goals before 2014 hits us, and brownies are simply not in the cards for me right now...or are they??

I made my very own brownies!  Shakeology brownies!  Chocolately, wonderful, fudgy goodness!

Shakeology Brownie    Shakeology Recipe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       And here is how to make them!  I can't wait to hear what you think!

Here they are in all their glory!  Looks like a normal brownie, doesn't it?  Only it's not!  It's a Shakeology brownie!  Simple ingredients, NO butter, NO flour and they're easy to make!

They get my chocolate cravings out of the way as well as my dessert desires!  Win-win combination right here, folks.

They are best served warm with a glass of milk - like any self-respecting brownie, of course!  If you're not on a strict meal plan, throw a little ice cream on top, too - but just a little ;)


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am make this and add a little bit of a homemade vanilla shakeology ice cream.

Meren said...

What is the portion size for this recipe? Thanks for your time!

Anonymous said...

How many servings is this and how do you count it on the 21 day fix. Thanks