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3 Months Without Alcohol

As of today I have made it three whole months without a drop of alcohol!  It has been much easier than I thought it would be, actually, but, of course, each week has its struggles.  Some are easier than others but it's always fun for me to look back over the week and see where I felt a bit weaker and where I excelled!

Giving Up Alcohol

This past week I felt under the weather for a couple days, and I have never been one who can drink when I'm sick.  Some people can power through and get rid of their headaches with a beer or shot, but if I even think about alcohol when I'm sick I make myself 10x sicker.  So for those days it was easy to not even think about drinking!

But then...

Something happened...

Something that bummed me out in a big way...

That something?



Snow.  Cold.  Winter.

I am a fall girl to my bones - but I'm NOT a winter girl by any stretch of the imagination!  I hate when the roads get slick, having to bundle up, my nose freezing, the bottom of my jeans always getting wet because of walking in the snow, scraping off my car in the morning - any of these things makes me want a drink in a big way.  

Yes, it can be pretty and yes, I enjoy snuggling up to watch White Christmas with a cup of hot cocoa.  Truth be told, when I started doing Insanity last winter I would get so hot I would open my front door halfway through the workout so I could cool down a bit!  I definitely loved that aspect of the cold!!

The rest of it?  Not so much.  

I suppose I'll have to get over it, though.  Winter is almost here - and this year I can't cope with a glass of wine or Vodka 7 in hand!

Three months down, 9 to go - I'm celebrating tonight with day 8 of FocusT25 and tilapia for dinner!

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