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13 Weeks Without Alcohol + One Failure

Where oh where has the time gone?!?!  I sweat it was JUST Friday and now all of a sudden it's Wednesday?!  How in the heck did that happen?
Magic - it must have been magic. 

Please consider this my weekly year without alcohol post - and you're welcome to think of this being the week I failed.  
I failed at updating my blog on Monday afternoon like I always do - but I did not fail at abstaining from alcohol this week!  Whoo hoo one more week down! 
This year has just been flying by; I can't believe I've already made it 13 weeks!!!  Oh there's that pesky number thirteen - it's bad luck, right??  That must be why I failed to post on Monday!  (Really I have just been crazy busy the last 5 days and I pretty much completely forgot about it.  But if I can blame my failure on the evil omens of the number 13, I'll go with that!)

Stop Drinking

Last week Monday - Friday was simple to go without alcohol, just like it normally is.  I don't really think about wanting a drink during the week anymore - and that makes me happy!  I did have a dream that Jake and I were at a beer tasting party and I had to refrain from trying any of them - that was a bit difficult to deal with so luckily it was just a dream! :)

Friday after work I went to my mom's house for our monthly book club which was a lot of fun!  This used to be an event that saw me with a glass of wine (or two... or maybe three if I was feeling really extravagant).  Going without the wine was easy; I had my trusty water bottle with me and didn't feel too deprived :)  

I woke up on Saturday, started my day with vanilla Shakeology and then headed to a family girls' weekend - it was great!!!  There were about 20 of us women from the family who all met up at a hotel with some children tagging along and we had a great time.  

It's not very often that we all get together and I don't remember the last time we ever had this big of a reunion so it was a great weekend for sure!  We got to swim, play cards, talk and just hang out - couldn't ask for much more!  Drinks were had but, again, it wasn't too depressing to pass them up. 

Stop DrinkingMy sister thought she was so clever to take a picture of me buying a box of wine - here it is! haha.  No one else really felt like leaving the car to get my grandma wine so I took one for the team :)

I still think that my first drink after the year will be a glass of champagne (though not a large one - it'd really go straight to my head after not drinking for a year!)

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