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11 Weeks Without Alcohol!

Crazy, crazy - it's been 11 whole weeks since I've had a drink!!!  Going into this I thought it would be much more difficult than it has been, but I'll be totally honest here - this past Friday was HARD!

Give Up Alcohol

Last Friday was just one of those days that seemed like it was never going to be time to clock out for the day and go home!  There was stuff going wrong all day long, I was frustrated and just done with the week - and I really just kept thinking "I need a drink.  I really need a drink.  A beer would be perfect right now."  

I need a drink

Ender's Game
I haven't had a day like that to really test my resolve yet, but I'm happy to be able to say that I made it through!  I skipped going to the bar after work with co-workers (because honestly, I might not have had the mental strength to be there and not order a drink!) and I let myself have a bit of time to just relax after work.  Jake came home and we went to see Ender's Game (which is my all-time favorite book so I was PUMPED to see the movie!!!)  

That definitely helped me forget about the stresses from the day and I was beyond grateful for that!!!  The rest of the weekend went by pretty quickly and luckily I didn't have any more "I need a drink" moments - so I'm proud to say that I DID make it through week eleven!!!  Next week will be three whole months down - 1/4 of the way to a year!!!

Would you like to join up with me for the rest of the year??  Of maybe just a week??  I'd love to hear how other people do!


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