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Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

 I suppose it really is fall!  Last weekend I just knew that I had to make something hearty - a simple salad just wasn't going to cut it!  But I wanted to make something healthy, also - not something full of cream, pasta, beef and additives.  So I went perusing through my cabinets and with just a couple things added from the supermarket, this is what I came up with!  It was easy to prepare and low-fuss to make!

Both Jake and I loved it - and we've been able to have it for leftovers, too!  The only critique we had was that my potatoes were chopped a bit too big - as you can see in the picture, they're quite a bit larger than everything else in the chili.  Next time I'll be sure to chop them in half again, but for the first go-around I didn't want them to get mushy.  They didn't, so I think we're safe to go smaller!

I'd love to hear what you think if you make it yourself!

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Heather Marie said...

Yum looks deliciousness I will have to try it. :)