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Combat, Week One

Happy Sunday night!  I seriously have no idea where the time goes.  On my list of 25 things I wanted to get done this weekend, I maybe got around to 10 of them.  Maybe.  And it's not like I didn't try - I did!  Time just seems to FLY!  So here I am on another Sunday night getting ready for work in the morning - so sad!  I am grateful to have a job I enjoy that requires me to spend exactly $0.00 a year on gas to get there and with people that I've grown to call friends - so I'm blessed! But seriously, I wish I could have 4 day weekends every weekend.  That'd be great!

So today marks the first week of my Les Mills Combat schedule - I am absolutely loving this workout!  I thought I'd do a bit of a review in case people were looking for a new workout to try or just like to hear about what other people are doing! 

Les Mills Combat is a mixed martial arts workout that's actually run by two trainers.  I really enjoy this part of it; it's a bit different and it keeps it interesting!  The workouts themselves are not only intense, they're FUN!  I love that their focused on either arms or legs - the core gets a workout, too, but it's because of the arm and leg exercises. I think that sometimes programs only focus on the core, which doesn't really help your arms or legs at all.  But Combat really pushes your attention to your extremities which makes them get ripped!  I swear my legs are now made of steel.  Same story with my arms & core, they just have a bit of padding still left on them ;)  But not for long!

Sundays are also the day of the week when I plan out my meals for the week - I haven't shared many of my meal plans here, but I thought I'd start because I know seeing other people's meal plans is really helpful for me, so chances are it is for other people, too!

Normally I would do an entire week, but on Friday I leave for Pennsylvania to hang out and have a weekend with a crew of other Beachbody coaches - it'll be a weekend of getting to know each other and brainstorming new and better ways to help people hit their goals!  I'm super pumped for it and am leaving my meal plan up in the air - and with this group of people getting together I feel totally confident that the meals will be healthy, clean and tasty!


Breakfast: Neapolitan Shakeology
Snack: Apple & 14 almonds
Lunch: Leftover clean chicken quesadillas
Snack: Egg whites & carrots
Dinner: Clean lasagna and salad


Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology
Snack: Apply & 14 almonds
Lunch: Leftover clean lasagna
Snack: Egg whites & carrots
Dinner: Super salad!


Breakfast: Strawberry-Vanilla Shakeology
Snack: Apple & 14 almonds
Lunch: Small bowl of cereal and 3 egg whites
Snack: Scrambled egg whites & green pepper


Breakfast: Neopolitan Shakeology
Snack: Apple & 14 almonds
Lunch: Leftover crustless quiche
Snack: Egg whites & carrots
Dinner: Tilapia & veggies


Breakfast: Strawberry-Vanilla Shakeology
Snack: Apple & 14 almonds
Lunch: Sandwich on the way to the airport - and I'm gone for the weekend!

Do you plan your meals out?  Have you ever thought of trying it?  I'd love to help you out with it if you'd like - and help you with any other health & fitness goals you might have!  Email me or use the contact tab below to let me know you're interested in committing to your health & fitness but could use some extra help!  I'm here for you 100%!!!

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