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2 Months In!!!

So here I am, officially 8 weeks into my year without alcohol!  And I'm happy to report that I made it! This last weekend had me running all over the place - which was awesome - but also had me craving a nice cold beer to relax!!

Friday night I saw Miss Saigon at the Ordway in St. Paul with my mom, sister and grandma.  They all enjoyed a couple glasses of wine before we left for the play, and though I was content with the green tea I was drinking I would have been okay with a glass of wine, too.   But I didn't do it - I knew my 2nd month was almost done and I wasn't going to give in that easily!

The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful - even if it was busy!  Once I made it through Friday with no wine it was smooth sailing :)

Hitting month two has made me think about what I've missed most - even if it hasn't been too difficult to last these 2 months!

My number one thing I'm craving?  Champagne!  I have no idea why because honestly, I never drink champagne!  I don't think I've ever bought a bottle of it and I rarely have it unless I'm in a wedding - but it's the one thing I keep thinking about!  I think I know what my very first drink will be when the year is up!  :)

My second drink of choice at the moment?  Beer!  When I see someone pouring a beer I get a little bit nostalgic for the last beer that I had.  I don't want a beer in a bottle or a can; I want a beer poured out in a frosty mug while I'm sitting outside in gorgeous weather!  (Maybe it's more the weather and less the beer that I'm nostalgic for... haha!)

So those are my 2 cravings 2 months into my year without alcohol - I'm sure over time they will change a bit, but that's where they are now!

What do you think you'd miss the most if you gave up alcohol??

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