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10 Weeks No Alcohol!!!

Here I am on another Monday afternoon checking in with my next week of no alcohol!  Today, though, I had to check out my Pinterest board with all my Year Without Alcohol posts on it to see what week I'm on!  Time flies, I suppose!  It's crazy for me to say that today I'm officially in the double digits!  10 weeks down, 42 to go!

Stop Drinking Alcohol

This week was, again, very easy!  Jake was working overnights and I've never been one to drink alone so the nights he was away made it very easy to not drink.  Then this weekend I went to a coaching retreat with my coach and 22 other coaches from the coaching team I am on, the Dream Team!  There was wine and alcohol available but I kept my water bottle close at hand and didn't really think twice about it!

If there is a group of people who won't pressure you into sacrificing your food & drink choices, it's a team of Beachbody coaches!!  Everyone has their own goals and dreams they are working towards and it is seriously their job to support people and help them reach their goals!  No one even blinked an eye when I didn't get a glass of wine or drink the champagne from the champagne toast - it was great!!

I missed out on a couple Halloween parties that might have made saying no a little bit more difficult (I am a BIG fan of Halloween parties - a huge fan!!!)  So even though I was bummed to miss the parties, I was glad to sail through another week without alcohol!  

I'll be giving a full recap of the Dream Team Retreat weekend this week - but if you're interested in joining up with us today and don't want to wait for that post, I'd love to talk to you about all the opportunities that are available!  You can make a bit of spending money with it, you can replace your income completely or you can just save money on Beachbody programs and Shakeology!  Whatever you are looking for there is a spot on my team for you!

Email me today at for all the details - I can't wait to talk to you!!!

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