What being a Team Beachbody Coach has Meant to Me

Recently I've been sharing my journey with Beachbody - you can check out why I became a Beachbody customer here and what I thought of my first challenge group here.  Today I wanted to share what being a Beachbody coach has meant to me.

Just as I had when she asked me to try out a challenge group, I said 'yes' when my coach asked me to become a coach with her.  I didn't know what I was signing myself up for - I thought I was going to get a price break on Shakeology, maybe help some other people reach their own goals and also potentially get a bit of extra spending money along the way.

I was excited, nervous, even a bit overwhelmed.  My number one emotion, though, was excitement.  I was excited for my own transformation that was happening, and I was excited to be able to share the experience with others.  I truly believe that Beachbody has created a true platform for success - they have combined workouts, nutrition AND daily support!  They do not cut corners when it comes to changing our lives!

Being a part of the Beachbody coaching family, and a member of The Dream Team in particular, has allowed me to share the blessings I have received with other people.  I can pay it forward and that is just an incredible feeling.  I work full time and I have time for Beachbody for one simple reason - because it's worth it.  I cannot describe what an incredible honor it is to share in other people's health and fitness journeys.  To not only be a part of it, but to be able to help people realize their passion for healthy living is truly the best feeling in the world.  

As a coach, I do several things - arguably the most important is that I keep myself focused on my goals!  I do my workouts, drink Shakeology every day and I eat accordingly.  I hate to use the word diet.  I'm not on a diet - I'm simply eating in accordance with the goals I have set for myself.  

I also share.  I share my story.  I share things I have learned along the way.  I share recipes, tips, motivation and tools.  I support - via Challenge Groups, my monthly free challenges, emails and messages.  Everyday I am trying to show someone who is discouraged, unmotivated or frustrated that they CAN reach their goals and they CAN live the life they want - and if they don't believe it in that moment, I'm there to support them through making the changes on faith and sheer determination.  

 I am so glad I went with my gut when I came across my coach's blog and reached out to her.  I was unhappy with my weight, fitness and nutrition; I was scared that I could never change and that it wouldn't all be worth it.  Coaching has shown me that I can make a difference - in my own life and the lives of others. I have seen amazing results and been inspired by my challengers on a daily basis.  It's true that I have earned money from Beachbody, and this is great.  But I would do it even if I never made a penny - because it's worth so much more than simple dollars and cents. I can honestly say that now, 9 months later looking back, I wouldn't take any of it back.  It has changed my life and made me a better person.  

I'm looking for more people who would like to join up with me - there is always room for better health, fitness and motivation in the world!  Whether you want to join up for a challenge group and change your life, sign on as a coach to help other people change their lives, or do both, there's a perfect fit for you somewhere on my team!  Email me at ashleykrek@gmail.com and we can work together to chase your dreams and change your life!


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