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Three Weeks without Alcohol

Week three is in the books!

I’m starting to question whether I should do the weekly update because I feel like I don’t have much to say that is all that interesting.  But, I’m going to stick with it because I think it will be fun to look back after the year is done and see what I was thinking about and where my biggest struggles were.  I know that I have a couple weddings and other events that are famous for their alcohol consumption so I’m anticipating those will be a bit more difficult ;)

This past week was, again, pretty easy.  I am able to walk by the bottles of wine at the house without wanting to open them and I can bypass the beer pretty easily as well.  I can tell already, though, that beer will probably be my drink of choice for the first time I have a drink – that’s really all that has tempted me so far.

This weekend I was camping with my family and I thought that would be a bit of a challenge.  It ended up not pushing me too hard, though so I was glad for that!  Before I drove to the campsite I stopped at the grocery store in town and bought a pack of bottled water and also green tea.  Having that on hand meant I always had something to drink that wasn’t pop, liquor or sugary juice.  I’ll count that as a win!

I am glad that I’ve been open about my decision to do this challenge for the year, because while camping no one was questioning why I wasn’t drinking nor were they trying to get me to drink.  They all understood, supported and were impressed by it – even if it did make me the punch line of a couple jokes :)

So, week three’s done and now I’m starting week four!

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