New to Shakeology?

So I've talked before about my LOVE for Shakeology.  I have it every day (sometimes twice!) and it has seriously changed how I look at nutrition and the number of random cravings I get.  Whereas before I started drinking Shakeology I was always craving sweets, I'm now totally content with having a Shakeology chocolate malt and cutting the other sweets out!  (most days...haha I don't think the other cravings will ever be completely gone!) 

I know that Shakeology has made all the difference in the world for me, but I also know that when I first tried it I was pretty hesitant - I wasn't sure I could fit it in the budget and I didn't really like the idea of even doing a shake like this at all!  So I definitely understand when people aren't sure they want to try it - but Beachbody has made it easy to try now!!!  Starting Monday if I'm your coach you can order a Shakeology sampler pack - four packets for just $19.95!!!  

Email me at ashleykrek@gmail.com or leave your contact info in the 'contact' box on the bottom right of the page and I can hook you up!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is the best way to loose some weight. I used shakeology for one year and it showed great results. Here is good review to all newcomers http://weightlosstop.com/shakeology_review.php. Try to replace just one meal with milkshake and you will loose your weight easily.