Camels, Squats and Big Brother

Here we are, Wednesday.  It’s hump day, which definitely makes me happy but Wednesdays are actually my least favorite day of the week.  Not only do I work my regular job, I have another two hours of work for a different job in the evening – so it’s definitely a long day!!! I used to get really burnt out on Wednesdays, but they're not as bad anymore. 

I’ve made a point to switch my Les Mills Combat rotation so instead of my workout weeks starting on Monday, they now start on Sunday – which means that Wednesday is a rest day – and I love that!!!  It was always difficult to work both jobs, work out and also feel like I had any time left over.  Because of the change, this is definitely my favorite Wednesday I’ve had in a long time!
It doesn't hurt that Big Brother's season finale is on tonight - I love that show!!!  I don't watch a lot of tv, but Big Brother is one show that I cannot miss.  I'm excited to see who wins it - even if this is the worst cast they've pretty much ever had.  I'm hoping next year's is better!  But for tonight, I'm rooting for basically anyone but Andy.  I am NOT a fan of his.  

I do have 140 squats to finish up before the day is over … but I think I can handle that J I started them this morning and have been working on them throughout the day so it’s not too bad!  Each month I’ve been running a body-part challenge in a free Facebook group – it started with arms, moved to abs and September is squats! 140 is a bit insane…but we still have 2 weeks left!!!  My rubbery legs will be steel by the end of the month!
Because of the holiday we got started a bit later in the month, not right on the first... but we're in it to win it now!
So now I’m pondering what I should focus on for October – do you have any ideas?? Share them with me if you do – and if you’d like to be a part of it let me know – it’s always fun to have more people involved!!! 
For now, I’m off to do another 20 squats…wish me luck!!

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